The Sunday Talk – Focus on the Customer

The Sunday Talk - Focus on the Customer

Many of you know that I’ve been in Bulgaria for some time.
While on the plane started reading this book by Julia McCoy called ‘So You Think You Can Write?‘ and to be honest with you I am very very impressed with this author.

The wisdom that comes from the very beginning of this book is Action. After reading this book you gonna have all the basic knowledge. The foundation that you need in order to become a successful content marketer.

Sound preparation is invaluable. Knowledge or shall I say the desire to have the knowledge (and constantly improve) is invaluable.
But knowledge and preparation are simply useless without Action.
Study your competitors. Study your customers. And through Action win the online battle for attention.

Omi: Is it fun working at SEMrush?

Sergey Doudy (Online Events Manager at SEMrush): So I am really enjoying myself at SEmrush. And I get to meet awesome Digital marketers. Awesome people like Omi yourself. Really happy to be here with you mate.

Sergey Doudy

Omi: Like me.

Sergey Doudy: And it’s great cause we get to meet up. Sit for a massive cup of coffee. Chat about cool subjects. Chat about video marketing. Chat about photography. Chat about Virtual Reality (VR). Chat about all the possibilities in the world of Digital marketing. It’s an awesome time.
And it’s good to chill and actually meet people in person. Again like yourself Omi.

Omi: Yes, like me.

Sergey Doudy: It’s a pleasure, mate.

It’s Friday morning. I am going to work and I am thinking.
Being a traditional marketer was easy. You just wack (together) some TV commercials and off you go. Your (Christmas) bonus is secure.

Nowadays you have to talk to your customers. You have to understand your customers. And let’s not forget – you have to find your customers.
My advice: Forget about the numbers. Concentrate on the customer experience.

Christmas came early this year. I’ve just received my new camera Canon 80D. Let me open the box: Canon 80D.

I hear a lot of influencers on the NET talking about ‘Equipment is not important. Concentrate on the story.’ So let’s put this statement to the test.

So let me ask you a simple question. If you are given a chance to go from point A to point B in a Ferrari or Fiat Punto would you go for the Fiat Punto just because it takes you from point A to point B anyway?
Or you gonna go for the excitement of the Ferrari? Well, it’s a no-brainer.

And I am not saying that everybody should go and buy a two thousand dollars camera. Start according to your budget. But every time you’ve got a chance upgrade.
So I think that one of your New Year’s resolutions should be to invest in your equipment.
Help your Digital Marketing deliver quicker and better results.

Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way

We all know the best marketing stunt from hundred and fifty years ago. So I will keep on telling you – connect to your customers on a personal level.

Not a long time ago somebody said ‘People buy from people’.
But I have to add a little bit to this statement.

People buy from people they know. People buy from people they like.
And last but not least: people buy from people they trust.

Nowadays everyone is online, and yet, so very few individuals truly understand how digital technology works.

The Sunday Talk – Take It Offline

The Sunday Talk – Take It Offline with Omi Sido

Today after work I am going to Brighton for the ‘Take It Offline” conference organized by Gerry White.

I’ve got the strange feeling that it’s gonna be fun.

I am hoping to see there the one and only Mr. Ammon Johns. One of the best Digital marketers in England.

Well, if I call him a digital marketer he would say I am an SEO. If I call him an SEO he would say I am a Digital marketer.
Shut up Ammon – you are a legend. You are a Legend.

So (Tristan – Purple Smudge) just give us an idea why should we come to your event next time?

Tristan Jarman: You should come to the “Take It Offline” digital marketing roundtable meetup because if you’ve got something to say this is the platform for it. If you wanna learn something or consume information or knowledge this is also the place for it.
Come along, enjoy.
Knowledge sharing.

You’ve heard the man, right?

It’s almost one o’clock and I just came back home. One hour and a half to go to Brighton and one hour and a half to come back. Bit it was worth it. We were talking about video. We were talking about voice search.
But you know what it’s not about the ideas or the knowledge.
It’s about the vision because ad digital marketers we work with a lot of numbers but behind the numbers, there are real human beings.

It’s Black Friday and I’m gonna be doing some Black Friday SEO. This is really the only day I can use ‘black’ and ‘SEO’ in one sentence legally.
On the other side, my head is still buzzing from the event last night.
Some of the ideas just got stacked to my brain.
Gerry, we should do it again man. Soon.

And now an SEO joke. What do you call an SEO expert who sells vans?
Danny Sellavan.

After a long week, hard working week we all want to go home, have a glass of wine, relax. But you personal branding cannot take a break.
Or do you think that during weekends people go t0 Social Media less often?

I don’t think so.

Have a good weekend, guys but keep on working.

The Sunday Talk – You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression!

Today I am meeting one of the best digital marketers in the world – Purna Virji (@purnavirji), David Iwanow (@davidiwanow), Laura Crimmons (@lauracrimmons)and Maria Amelie (@Maria_Amelie).
We gonna be eating pizza (if I don’t forget to order it). We gonna be drinking wine and eating chocolate. We may talk about Digital Marketing.

Many of you have noticed that I’ve been very active on Instagram recently. So let me give you my top 3 tips.

But first, the question ‘Why?’. Why Instagram. Well, since I’ve joined Instagram I’ve been literally blown away by the number of people following me and engaging with me. I’ve been literary blown away by the number of people visiting my website coming from Instagram.

So my first tips would be:

So many people say ‘don’t put text on top of an image on Instagram’. And this is so wrong. If you are selling shoes or if you are selling mobile phones or maybe you are selling coffee and you’ve got a Christmas offer. Why not put “20% Off” on top of the image?
You’ve got very little time to grab people’s attention. Not just on Instagram but on any Social Media (platform). So please use text on top of images when necessary.

Tip number two. One of the best ways to promote your business or online persona on Instagram is true the use of hashtags. I’ve never seen more hashtags used at one time than on Instagram. These tags will categorize your image and bring it up in more Instagram searches, thus increasing the exposure of your online persona or business.

My third tip – your Bio. Have you ever come across an Instagram profile and thought straight away: This is my homey. I’m gonna follow him right here on the spot. Yeah me too.
I can’t stress enough how important is to make your biography unique on Instagram. A lot more important than Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn.
Your Instagram Bio is one of the first things potential customers and visitors to your profile see.

First impressions matter. You have exactly seven seconds to make a good impression when meeting someone in person for the first time.
Now think online. It takes less than two-tenths of a second for an online visitor to form an impression of your brand.

First impressions matter.

People will have just one look at you and they will immediately decide how professional are you, how credible are you, how trustworthy are you. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

The Sunday Talk – Do you know your customers?

The Sunday Talk with Omi Sido - Do you know your customers?

US Elections 2016

Many people are asking me about Donald Trump, the election, the USA.
I can’t hide it I am a bit disappointed. But then let me tell you something: America is the biggest democracy in the World. One man cannot hurt it. We don’t live in the 60’s. We live in 2016. With the Internet and Social Media, there are no borders anymore.

Augmented Reality

One thing is becoming quite obvious – you not gonna thrive in the future if you don’t understand that the Internet and Social Media are basically the future of business. Not just that. The Internet and Social Media are the future of humanity. Especially with the forthcoming Augmented Reality.

Don’t get fooled by Trump and his borders. In fact, don’t get fooled by any politician. Country borders are thing of the past.

Have you ever been in a fight where somebody was punching you in the face but you kept on going? Well doing SEO is like that. Google is constantly coming up with new updates. But you know what? Nobody ever told you it’s gonna be easy. It’s not about you, it’s about their business. So instead of concentrating on Google concentrate on your customers.

Successful SEO Strategy

Creating a successful SEO strategy means employing a thoughtful, adaptable approach that covers everything from technical SEO to your website’s infrastructure to the customer journey and the one very important to understand is targeted approaches to content marketing.

You need an SEO strategy that not only outlines your basic plans of action but also defines the goals you’re trying to achieve. And I am not just talking about your SEO goals but also your business/company goals.

Digital Marketing is the Future of Business

Are we bad marketers? No, we are not. We are just used to the old ways (of doing marketing). But there is a new kid in town. It’s called Digital Marketing. How do I define Digital Marketing? First find who your customers are. Second follow them and talk to them on every Social Media they spend their time online. It’s that simple.

Now go and read Infuse Your Business Identity With Personal Brand Power by Gina Fiedel.
Have you noticed the new design?

“I hope you’ve managed to make the right moral choices this week in your shopping which means that you are now considering all this from the midst of lakes of coffee and mountains of doughnuts, cookies, croissants and chocolate cake. Have an awesome Sunday wherever you are. ” – Mr David Amerland

The Sunday Talk (Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you!)

The Sunday Talk (Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you!)

I’m not one of those people that love working. I’d rather be in bed. But I just love what I am doing. The insights, the numbers, the psychology, the thrill of finding new stuff. Or the way the people say it “find a job that you love and you don’t have to work for life.”

What’s your favourite blog?

Well, it has to be by Gina Fiedel. I find a lot of inspiration there.
Professionally probably the Moz Blog (with Rand Fishkin) or SEMrush. Not to forget David is one of my favourite websites ever.

What is your favourite SEO tool?

Well, it has to be SEMrush. Getting to know your customers is so important nowadays. You may think or you may say “I am the best” but then everybody says “I am the best”.
(Using the will allow you to stay on top of what you are doing and what others are doing around you. Don’t walk blind in the online world. Also, beautiful people like Olga Andrienko and Kate Makulova work for this dynamic company. You like working with beautiful people, don’t you?)

Yesterday I had this conversation with Anton Shulke about blogging, quality of blogging and SEO. I came up to the conclusion that it’s not about the quality or the quantity. The frequency. The end goal is to make you talk to your customers. Show them the uniqueness of your business.

Talk to your customers.

I am quite happy as the big Social Media/SEO guru Mark Traphagen read one of my articles and gave me feedback. It was not all positive (I love his honesty). The truth is born when two honest individuals are having an honest conversation.

And now a joke. Heathrow Airport just called. They want me to add more landing pages.
Tuesday can be quite funny you know.

It’s Wednesday and I am on the road again. Finally, last night managed to secure a Hangout (YouTube Live) with Zara Altair and Michael Stricker on the latest Google Penguin algorithm update.
Not many people are talking about it. Everybody is waiting for someone to say something so they can criticise it. Be strong my friend. Be strong.

This reminds me of the time when Google released the AMP project (The Accelerated Mobile Pages Project). I was the only one talking about it. Many people were criticising me. Well, I made a lot of mistakes (wrong assumptions really). But then I was the one who introduced it to Daily Mail. Our visits went 14% up a day.

Early adopters are always winners.

It’s Friday and I’m gonna spend my time at a digital agency and they gonna teach me a little bit of PPC and Display Advertising.

You are never too old to learn something new.

Keep on bumping into people that think they know everything. Mate, I don’t care if you’ve been doing marketing for the last 20 or 30 years. The marketing of yesterday is not the digital marketing of today.
Let’s start talking about experience and not age.

Omi Sido - you are never too old to learn

Be strong my friend. Be strong.