Advantages to Creating a Podcast for Your ‪Business‬

Advantages to Creating a Podcast for Your ‪Business‬

Sitting on the beach listening to ‘How to Build Trust and Drive Sales By Answering Your Customer’s Questions’ – by Todd Hartley

But in a true digital marketing fashion let’s talk about the facts 🙂 I am a digital marketer after all.

Advantages to Creating a Podcast for Your ‪Business‬

1.Podcasting is easier for consumers to consume.

We are all busy people.

Consumer/client can listen to your show while they work, while they exercise, while they drive and indeed while on the beach 🙂

2. It can enhance your company’s brand.

Adding podcasts to the mix—letting your consumers hear your brand—can really add a new dimension to your marketing strategy.

3. Podcasting is Huge and it’s Growing.

It’s growing because it’s effective and can be very engaging. Once someone subscribes to your podcast, you are in their podcast feed. Period. No Google algorithm will change that!

4. Positioning yourself as a true Expert in your niche.

Every podcast you create, it’s your podcast! You decide on the topic, you decide what guests you will have on the show. You decide how you wish to show that you are an authority.

Pretty cool hey?

“Rankings are important, but discovery, trust and authority is what will pay the bills.” – David Amerland

5. Barriers to entry are extremely low.

Podcasting equipment is affordable and really simple to use. Nowadays USB microphones are cheap and the editing software is essentially free. Yes, Free.





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