Google updates Tag Manager with new set of tools

Yesterday Google launched a new set of tools for their Tag Manager. According to Google the new attributes will make the Tag Manager more powerful and accessible allowing marketers to streamline existing workflows. Some of the new features: New Google Tag Manager API. “Sometimes you just want things your own way. We understand!”. Once again […]

Germany wants Google to reveal its search algorithm

Two days ago Germany announced that they want access to Google’s search algorithm. To be honest with you I believe I deserve to have this access more than Germany. Mark Traphagen wants access as well. Thinking now everybody in Stone Temple Consulting wants this access plus half of the world. Yes not everybody, don’t worry, just […]

The End Of Google Authorship Markup – Mark Traphagen

Omi Sido asked:  So, what were the benefits of Google authorship in the search results really? Thinking now, it was more of a disadvantage because people had the opportunity of clicking through to my Google plus page, rather than going to my actual website.Mark Traphagen: Omi, I saw the primary advantage for building my personal brand […]

Data Density and Semantic Search – Hangout On Air with David Amerland and Mark Traphagen

Semantic search is going to change everything about the way we do our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). In this video David Amerland and Mark Traphagen talk about what’s new in the Semantic World, what we are seeing and what needs to be done by web marketers and website owners in order to utilise the power of the […]