Twitter Now Supports Animated GIFs

Twitter has finally introduced animated GIFs to their platform. Hip hip hooray. The short message social network is now a different place forbranding and advertising. While several other social networks introduced GIFs long time ago it took a while for Twitter to come on board. As usual in recent years Facebook is slow to acclimate […]

Secondary Dimensions In Google Analytics

You Have Struck Gold By Using Google Analytics – Now Start Working Smarter! One thing I find fascinating is a lot of people tend to overlook Secondary Dimensions in Google Analytics. This is rather unfortunate as Secondary Dimensions could be extremely valuable when trying to understand what the reports actually mean.The best way to do […]

How to Know You Have a Good Startup Idea?

Omi Sido in conversation with ArtemK (Artem Kroupenev) – enthusiastic start-up entrepreneur with focus on the business side of a venture. The simple answer is research that involves speaking to potential customers. If you can find a substantial group of end users willing to use your product, and a substantial group of customers willing to pay for […]

Be A Hero – Create a Second View In Google Analytics

I am amazed at how many people nowadays don’t have a second view in their Google Analytics (GA) account. It’s true I’ve never seen a proper GA tutorial about setting a second view and most of all the great importance of having one, but still, it’s kind of logical don’t you think? Let’s call the […]