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The question

Lola McIntyre: It’s important to remain relevant and current. David Amerland is a new discovery for me and he is spot on!!! I am entirely humbled and excited to catch up as I learn from all of you. (I have been out of the social media marketing flow since our relocation to Michigan…Is it even possible to ‘catch up!?!?

Is it even possible to ‘catch up!?!?

The Answer

Omi SidoLola McIntyre If you are interested in Semantic Search (and David Amerland) your first step should be The Google Semantic Search Community ( created and managed by  David Amerlandand  Teodora Petkova.
Here you can also talk to people like Peter Hatherley and  Zara Altair.  William Rock also visits this group very often.

Your second step should be another community managed by Aaron Bradley and called Semantic Search Marketing ( Here you can also talk to people like Bill Slawski.

In order to stay relevant and current in social marketing you should be definitely following Eric Enge and Mark Traphagen.
Believe me without those two dudes there is no catching up in social media.

For all the latest news in the social media world your main point should be Ana Hoffman.

A hangout where you can ask any question (and I mean any question) here: This hangout is hosted by Ammon Johns  (the british James Bond/007 accent comes as bonus) – another SEO and social media guru.

In case you are interested in content marketing and web visibility strategies for small business your main point should be Marilyn Moore  and her partner John Moore.

For a more philosophical approach to social marketing (well… they are probably laughing now 🙂 ) check out Kristin Drysdale, Gina Fiedel  and Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales. Hmm I should really add here Teodora Petkova. Check this article: Pure bliss.


And the answer to your question “Is it even possible to ‘catch up!?!?” is:

Yes it is. Just follow all the people above, read their articles and watch their hangouts. How difficult is that 🙂

In the end a quote from a guy named Plato:

“We don’t learn anything. Our soul has lived so many lives that we know everything. Teachers and education can only remind us of what we already know.”

William Rock:  Do Something Great for Yourself and Your Business #2015 is a New Start to Build your NEW Plan…

I suggest to many that I work with, to try and get in the habit of checking their emails, looking at the daily list of todos and opening up your Alerts in G+ and others you are on and RINSE and Repeat a few times a day for 10 minutes..

Once you take the baby steps into Social then you will see what others are doing and learn from them to use things that work for YOU and develop that Brain into NEW Ideas to help create your inner creativity.

Oh and Love the Quote at the END sir 🙂

>>> And the last bit would be when you are ready to advance your skills… Step into the world of Google Analytics.

You can go into your Reports and from the Navigation Bar in the Left Scroll Bar you will go down to the Report Titled

Acquisitions > Social > User Flow

This will allow you to create Funnel Reports that will help you identify if your Social Traffic is making to a Lead Gen form or a Purchase from a Sale from an E-Commerce Site.

The other Report to look at would be Adding Shortcuts to your Reports ..

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