How to Write High-Quality Content

How to Write High-Quality Content #semrushchat Highlights


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“Great content is a high-priority task for a lot of marketers.

Every piece of content we create is not only valuable in itself; every article is a piece of the puzzle that we put together to create a clear and panoramic picture of the business niche we work in.

Speaking of entertaining, every piece of content, no matter how “boring” the topic, should be catchy – you don’t want to lose your readers in the middle of your article, so carefully consider the structure and rhythm of your text.

Including beautiful images/graphics to break up the text in a long article makes me love content a lot as a reader.

How to Write High-Quality Content

Reference your sources. No-one wants to go hunting information down. Make it easy for your readers to trust you

Nothing is worse than an amazing blog article with a terrible headline. No one will click on it. SPEND TIME ON IT.

Lists ALWAYS work.  Start with ‘7 Steps To’ / ‘5 Ways To’ / ’10 Key Reasons’

For B2B avoid BS images of people smiling at meetings. BORING.

Think about your headline as a “spice” you add to a dish – different spices provide different flavors, so it’s nice to have a range of them and find the one that compliments your article in the best way.”

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