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“Great content is a high-priority task for a lot of marketers.

Every piece of content we create is not only valuable in itself; every article is a piece of the puzzle that we put together to create a clear and panoramic picture of the business niche we work in.

Speaking of entertaining, every piece of content, no matter how “boring” the topic, should be catchy – you don’t want to lose your readers in the middle of your article, so carefully consider the structure and rhythm of your text.

Including beautiful images/graphics to break up the text in a long article makes me love content a lot as a reader.

How to Write High-Quality Content

Reference your sources. No-one wants to go hunting information down. Make it easy for your readers to trust you

Nothing is worse than an amazing blog article with a terrible headline. No one will click on it. SPEND TIME ON IT.

Lists ALWAYS work.  Start with ‘7 Steps To’ / ‘5 Ways To’ / ’10 Key Reasons’

For B2B avoid BS images of people smiling at meetings. BORING.

Think about your headline as a “spice” you add to a dish – different spices provide different flavors, so it’s nice to have a range of them and find the one that compliments your article in the best way.”

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By Omi Sido

Omi Sido is an SEO and Web Development professional with 6 years of experience in both web and traditional advertising, promotions, events, and campaigns. He has worked on integrated campaigns for major clients such as Vectone Mobile, Delight Mobile and The Global Real Estate Institute.

Currently, Omi Sido is Senior Technical SEO at Canon Europe.

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