Lead Generation Strategy Tips

Lead Generation Strategy Tips

“Your audience no longer wants their attention bought – they want it earned”
SEO tip of the day (via +Tara Jacobsen)

To be successful in your Lead Generation Strategy you have you have to understand that “It All Starts with Content”.Content is the foundation, the base on which you can start building your marketing leads. Whether we are talking about LinkedIn, Free E-Books or White Papers it all starts with valuable, niche oriented content generating quality leads over time.

My 5 top advises when it comes to Lead Generation Strategy:

1. When it comes to content always strive for quality over quantity.  (Have you got more ideas on a topic? Perfect. Now is the time to create a series. Don’t try to stuff it all into one post.)

2. Track your content consumption (Key question answered: How often do content consumers turn into leads?). This is the only way to start determining whether the content marketing effort is making financial sense or not.

Lead Generation Strategy


3. Don’t ever forget about your old content. Just because it isn’t new it does not mean that it’s not relevant and useful anymore. Build an effective marketing presence, even without a huge budget by using your refreshed old content again.
On the other side find your best performing content – old and new – and place a clear highly relevant call to action (CTA) at the bottom. Let me repeat this one again – HIGHLY RELEVANT CTA.

4. Inspire your customers to tell their friends about your goods and services. Give them discounts and other benefits when they do. Don’t forget to incentivize the ‘introduced friend’. Word of mouth is still the best  eCommerce lead generation tool ever.

5. Segment your ‘contact’ database. Contact the right people at the right time (by tracking their behaviour). Based on their demographic and physiographic factors mould your message so it correlates with your potential customer’s needs

Now I am leaving you in the hands of Ryan Lynch and his wonderful article called ‘The 4 L’s of a Successful Lead Generation Strategy’.


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