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William Rock - Professional Internet Marketing Coach / SEO / Videographer / Entrepreneur / WHITE HAT all the WAY!

A great tip for  PPC and eCommerce coming all the way from Canada and the wonderfully geeky William Rock.

“Here is a Simple Google Doc Spreadsheet that you can COPY into your Drive and use, it will help you focus on simple areas of data.. All you will need to do is open up Google Analytics and Google Adwords and pull the numbers into the spreadsheet and then for each month copy the data into for quick views..

Also you will see that once you put the numbers in it will automatically calculate ups and downs in your traffic for quick compare..

View The Shared Template 2015 PPC eCommerce Monthly Marketing Recap
@ http://goo.gl/DFfczj

Once you are ready to insert the data, you will need to just click once in the field you want to change and look up to the top left of your screen for an area called Fx then add the data within that section rinse and repeat.

This way you don’t accidentally change the variable for the calculations in Column D & E.

I am really excited to hear what others think about this report… as this is one I use monthly for each of my clients.

If you want to add more rows to collect I would recommend just clicking on the calculation field and copy and past, then choose if it will be a percentage or other.”

Just when you thought that nobody could be possibly geekier than you a serendipitous event occurs and you meet +William Rock. Step back boy. The #MasterGeek is in the house.

William Rock - Professional Internet Marketing Coach / SEO / Videographer / Entrepreneur / WHITE HAT all the WAY!

It was a great HAO organised by Network Round Table: The Softer Side of Business. Check it out guys. Kristin Drysdale was there. John Moore was there. David Harry was there. Terry Van Horne was there. Jessica Maynard was there. Terry Leigh Britton was there as well.

What do you do in your life to make sure that you are continuing to be effective?
You go and watch all the right HAO’s. Don’t miss this one 🙂

Visit the HOA page here:

Effectiveness in Business with #PlusOneSuperHero Dave Harry on NWRT #CoreValues

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