The Sunday Talk – Meeting David Iwanow

The Sunday Talk - Meeting David Iwanow

Mondays, Mondays, Mondays. Always believe that something beautiful gonna happen this week. Maybe you gonna win the lottery or you gonna come to The SEO Social tomorrow and you gonna meet me in person. Stay cool this week guys and don’t forget

Nobody can stop you if you’ve got the passion and you work hard.

Unfortunately, the conference has been cancelled so I’ve got no choice but to sit down and write an article. You know my spiel:

Create content. Publish content. Amplify content. Repeat.

On my way to meet David Iwanow – one of the top SEOs in the UK. He is, well imagine Omi Sido times ten. So if you ever need a good SEO David Iwanow should be your first choice.

Omi Sido and David Iwanow
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Omi: Say something, David.

David Iwanow: Say something. Something, there you are. I am here with Omi. We are here in London. We are just in Oxford Circus.

Omi: we had an amazing medium rare steaks.

David: It wasn’t as good as Flat Iron.

Omi: Ok, but the creme brulee was good.

David: Yes the creme brulee was amazing. It was very very good. We talked about the SEO industry. It was some of the recent topics about
obviously, the discussion with Rand had about whether speakers need to produce unique decks each time they speak at conferences. So I guess we had a bit of a view on that. We had a few discussion. Just general about life. And guess what’s happening next with me. Last couple of days at BlueGlass.

Omi: Ah, ok. David’s got an announcement to make.

David: Afte a year working with Kevin Gibbons at BlueGlass I am moving onto a new project. It was great working with Kev. I’m gonna miss a lot of the team and definitely miss some of the clients cause we had very good clients. But yeah looking forward to the next exciting thing. Huge challenges ahead of me. Obviously, you’ve got your new job.

Omi: Yeah, I’ve got a new job as well.

David: Yes we’ve caught up with life at Canon. We had a good discussion. And we’ve got some awful music playing in the background.

Omi: I hope you gonna be able to hear stuff.

David: Yeah, you may not be able to hear anything because of the music. Thanks for tuning in and don’t forget to subscribe to Omi’s channel on YouTube. Is it like there?

Omi: Yeah, it’s there.

David: And follow the people on Twitter. And have yourself an awesome Wednesday night.

Omi: Thanks, David.

David: Ciao everyone. Bye. See ya.

Meeting David yesterday was amazing. We had such a great time together. He gave me this crazy idea of connecting Deepcrawl to Tableau in order to make everything a little bit more visual.

Having data is power. Having data is knowledge.

But without the right framework for understanding it much of this knowledge may go unrecognised. Very often is data visualisation that allows your data to unleash its true impact.

So literally two seconds after closing my visor, I see this stone flying towards my head. Obviously, I had no time to move away so it hit me in the visor. Then I am going to work and all my colleagues are like ‘Oh Omi, are you gonna give up riding bikes now because they are dangerous?’ And I am like: well then I have to give up alcohol or chocolate. I am not sure Judith Lewis will agree with this statement.
Jokes aside whatever happens in your life you have to ready to move on.
I just came back home and I’ve got a massive headache. As advised by Gina I’m gonna have one of those and I am going to bed. On my way back home I was thinking.

Don’t full yourself that you’ve got time. Live the life now.

Have a great weekend, guys. Peace.

Saturday morning. I’ve just woke up and I’ve got a stiff neck. Probably I will spend the day in bed. But then I saw this picture on my phone and I am a happy man. Thank you very much, guys, all of you for thinking of me.

Despite our increasingly digital world–or maybe because of it the power of face to face communications is now more valuable than ever. Sure, social media, e-mail, video chat can help you communicate to people across distances, but it’s those face-to-face meetings that foster trust and can lead to solid relationships and partnerships in the future.

You may say video chats is a form of a face to face communication but I keep on seeing people involved in video conferences that are answering emails, texting or even answering their phone. I wouldn’t do that if you were standing in front of me, right.

Guys, next week I’m gonna try and talk a little bit more about the power of visualising your data for your customers but you do come back here next Sunday cause you’ve got the problems and I’ve got the solutions.

The Sunday Talk – You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression!

Today I am meeting one of the best digital marketers in the world – Purna Virji (@purnavirji), David Iwanow (@davidiwanow), Laura Crimmons (@lauracrimmons)and Maria Amelie (@Maria_Amelie).
We gonna be eating pizza (if I don’t forget to order it). We gonna be drinking wine and eating chocolate. We may talk about Digital Marketing.

Many of you have noticed that I’ve been very active on Instagram recently. So let me give you my top 3 tips.

But first, the question ‘Why?’. Why Instagram. Well, since I’ve joined Instagram I’ve been literally blown away by the number of people following me and engaging with me. I’ve been literary blown away by the number of people visiting my website coming from Instagram.

So my first tips would be:

So many people say ‘don’t put text on top of an image on Instagram’. And this is so wrong. If you are selling shoes or if you are selling mobile phones or maybe you are selling coffee and you’ve got a Christmas offer. Why not put “20% Off” on top of the image?
You’ve got very little time to grab people’s attention. Not just on Instagram but on any Social Media (platform). So please use text on top of images when necessary.

Tip number two. One of the best ways to promote your business or online persona on Instagram is true the use of hashtags. I’ve never seen more hashtags used at one time than on Instagram. These tags will categorize your image and bring it up in more Instagram searches, thus increasing the exposure of your online persona or business.

My third tip – your Bio. Have you ever come across an Instagram profile and thought straight away: This is my homey. I’m gonna follow him right here on the spot. Yeah me too.
I can’t stress enough how important is to make your biography unique on Instagram. A lot more important than Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn.
Your Instagram Bio is one of the first things potential customers and visitors to your profile see.

First impressions matter. You have exactly seven seconds to make a good impression when meeting someone in person for the first time.
Now think online. It takes less than two-tenths of a second for an online visitor to form an impression of your brand.

First impressions matter.

People will have just one look at you and they will immediately decide how professional are you, how credible are you, how trustworthy are you. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.