The Sunday Talk

The Sunday Talk – SEO is changing

SEO is constantly changing So I hear many people saying that Google is trying to make our life difficult. No guys. Google is not trying to make our life difficult. Think of Google as a business. Think of search as a product. Naturally, every company wants to have a better product. So as they improve…

Search Leeds SEO Conference

Entities, Search, and RankBrain: How it works and why it matters | SearchLeeds 2018

Who is Kristine Schachinger? Kristine Schachinger is the founder and CEO of Sites Without Walls, Digital Strategist & SEO Consultant and a regular speaker at events like SMX Advanced and SMX East. Kristine Schachinger has almost 20 years of experience in website design, development and implementation experience and has helped design/code/implement sites for everyone from…


RankBrain & SEO Simplified

What is RankBrain? Not a long time ago Google released their new secret weapon – RankBrain. But what do we know about RankBrain? How does it work? How does it affect your business? And most of all how does it affect your SEO efforts? As usual, Google is not telling us much. Everything we know…