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  • The Sunday Talk - Focus on the Customer

    The Sunday Talk – Focus on the Customer

    Many of you know that I’ve been in Bulgaria for some time. While on the plane started reading this book by Julia McCoy called ‘So You Think You Can Write?‘ and to be honest with you I am very very impressed with this author. The wisdom that comes from the very beginning of this book…

  • Semrushteatime with Omi Sido

    Semrush Tea Time with Omi Sido – Personal Branding

    1. What’s personal branding and why it’s become ‘a thing’? In short, my understanding of personal branding is a storytelling. Consistent storytelling. I would like to start with a story. First, there was darkness. There was nothing. Then somebody created the Internet. And then Social Media. The idea about branding has long been connected to…