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  • Blogging tips for branding and lead generation

    Blogging tips for branding and lead generation

    The best blogging strategy is the one not aimed at short-term gains but focused on long term results and benefits. Two weeks ago I missed a Twitter chat organised by SEMrush so I decided to give my opinion on the topics discussed that day in an improvised conversation with David, Sergio, Teodora, Gina and Nina.…

  • Remove "Powered by Blogger"

    How to remove ‘Powered by Blogger’ from your blog

    Blogger is a very popular American online content management system (CMS) that allows users to create and publish their blogs for free. This blogging platform offers a range of features to customise the appearance of your blog, including adding a gadget to display attribution (“Powered by Blogger”) for the blog’s template.  While the attribution gadget…