Google Data Studio

The Only Report You Need In Data Studio to Run a Successful Business

I’ve been doing SEO (Digital Marketing) for clients for over 5 years and, without question, the most successful of them rely on data to help them run their online businesses. And I’ve noticed that people are always surprised when I tell hem what’s the most useful Digital Marketing report.  It’s not the usual monthly ranking…

The Sunday Talk

The Sunday Talk – Data Visualization

Mondays, Mondays, Mondays. If you hate your Mondays you are definitely in the wrong job. And what a nice day. Don’t you think that when the weather is nice and sunny it feels like there are more colours out there in the world? It’s exactly the same with data. When you visualise your data it…


Data and Insights in Digital Marketing

Many people confuse data with insights. What is the difference? What Is Data? Data is the information you acquire from users, such as demographic info, behavior, and activity. What is Analytics? Analytics is the discovery of patterns and trends obtained from your data. What are Insights? The ability to gain an accurate and deep understanding…