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  • The State Of Pagination And Infinite Scroll On The Web

    The State of Pagination and Infinite Scroll on the Web

    In March this year, Google announced that it had stopped supporting (for at least a couple of years!) the rel=prev/next markup that is used to indicate when a page is part of a larger set of pages in terms of pagination. That’s a bit strange as they have been advocating using it until very recently. […]

  • The Sunday Talk – AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

    Accelerated Mobile Pages

    Monday evening. Today was my first day at work after almost two weeks and everybody, absolutely everybody is talking about AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages. Why? Well, simply because Google told us that from next year mobile will be their top priority. Looking at the bigger picture and answering some of my critics from the…

  • The Sunday Talk – SearchLove London Conference

    SearchLove London Conference

    I’ve never been at a conference on a Monday. But then I am so excited. My favourite Digital Marketing speaker Purna Virji is coming to town. Jon Myers: Here at the bottom basically is the crossing point. In October 2016 we saw worldwide more mobile queries or usage queries than on a desktop computer. And obviously, at…