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The Sunday Talk – SearchLove London Conference

I’ve never been at a conference on a Monday. But then I am so excited. My favourite Digital Marketing speaker Purna Virji is coming to town.

Jon Myers: Here at the bottom basically is the crossing point. In October 2016 we saw worldwide more mobile queries or usage queries than on a desktop computer. And obviously, at that point, they were just shy of obviously 51.5%. The number which I shared with you earlier on which is just a year on which is due today we are now at 60% which is 9% jump in favour of mobile.

Omi Sido with David Iwanow, Gerry White and Nick Wilsdon
Omi Sido with David Iwanow, Gerry White and Nick Wilsdon

Day two of the SearchLove conference. And what a day. Client meeting, client meeting, conference, client meeting. I’d be lucky if I come back home before 11 O’clock tonight.

Meanwhile yesterday Purna Virji, Jon Myers and Sam Noble literary smashed it. They gave us so many actionable insights.
Hopefully today Emily Grossman will smash it as well.

No pressure.

Omi Sido: Hi. My name is Omi Sido, I work for Canon Europe and I honestly cannot live without DeepCrawl.

David Iwanow: And where are you Omi?

Omi Sido: I am at the SearchLove conference and I am joined by this beautiful lady.

Alyssa Ordu: Alyssa from DeepCrawl.

David Iwanow: And where can we follow you on Twitter?

Alyssa Ordu: @DeepCrawl

David Iwanow: And omi?

Omi Sido: @omisido of course.

David Iwanow: Ciao.

Omi Sido: Or just google me.

True that. Emily Grossman really inspired me to start learning a little bit more about progressive web apps. The truth is Jon not many people are talking about them, in fact not many people even know what a progressive app is. Yes. At least not here in the UK.

The wisdom, the eye-opener from this talk was that there is a big difference between a native app and a progressive web app.
Yes, you can get access to the URLs and therefore they are indexable by search engines. Businesses can get crucial advantages from doing it. Yes, of course.

David Iwanow with Laura Crimmons and Samantha Noble
David Iwanow with Laura Crimmons and Samantha Noble

So let me summarise the SearchLove London conference.
Two days of presentations, 1-2-1 meetings, roundtables, and plenty of quality networking opportunities.

This was my first time at this conference and I absolutely loved it.

Distilled managed to curate a great list of speakers in order to organise this conference by marketers for marketers which aims to provide a mixture of practical, hands-on, expert advice, and inspirational case studies from top Digital marketers across the UK and the world.

Guys, this week I’ve received more than 20 emails asking me about machine learning and Python. And I am so excited that so many of you have taken the ‘learn something new’ every week challenge.

Keep up the good work.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to come back here next week cause you’ve got the problems and I’ve got the solutions.

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