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  • The Sunday Talk - Personal Branding

    The Sunday Talk – Personal Branding

    Today on my way back home I was hit by a car. I am ok, honestly, I am ok. The elbow is a bit swollen. It probably needs a bit of icing. So it makes you think. You can die in a blink of an eye. It also makes you think: What is my legacy?…

  • The Sunday Talk – Take It Offline with Omi Sido

    The Sunday Talk – Take It Offline

    Today after work I am going to Brighton for the ‘Take It Offline” conference organized by Gerry White. I’ve got the strange feeling that it’s gonna be fun. I am hoping to see there the one and only Mr. Ammon Johns. One of the best Digital marketers in England. Well, if I call him a…

  • Semrushteatime with Omi Sido

    Semrush Tea Time with Omi Sido – Personal Branding

    1. What’s personal branding and why it’s become ‘a thing’? In short, my understanding of personal branding is a storytelling. Consistent storytelling. I would like to start with a story. First, there was darkness. There was nothing. Then somebody created the Internet. And then Social Media. The idea about branding has long been connected to…