Creating authoritative content for your customers

Creating authoritative content for your customers

“Texts that just talk and talk and say nothing cannot win you an audience.” – Teodora Petkova

Yesterday’s rules are gone. Today, webmasters and SEO professionals have to shift their focus towards the creation of relevant, newsworthy and authoritative content.

What is authoritative content?

Authoritative content is reliable, responsible and having a good reputation in the eyes of your readers and search engines (check out this article by Richard Hussey

You have to know your target audience. You must know how to reach it, know what content your listeners care about, and know what may incite them to transact or interact with you.

Beforehand research your subject thoroughly. You should be an authority on your topic after all. Find authoritative sources and do not rely only on findings in Wikipedia. When citing a reliable source don’t forget to link.

In addition to your unique content bring in graphics, videos, infographics, statistics and charts as much as possible. People love seeing well crafted visuals.

Creating authoritative content for your customers

Now I am leaving you in the hands of Teodora Petkova and her wonderful article ‘What two jazz pieces told me about texts’ here

“Good texts, just like good conversations, are the ones that change you. You are transformed after having read them: you either know something more, learned something new, or have decided what to do next, how to solve a problem.”

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