The Sunday Talk – No hard work, no results

Monday Motivation Whether you like it or you don’t Mondays are part of our life. So instead of moaning about them let’s change the way we think about Mondays. Whatever you are trying to tell me I know that after the weekend you are full of energy. So why don’t you go and crush it […]

The Sunday Talk – Content Marketing

I am cleaning my car and I am thinking: We never talk about old content clean up. Can old content hurt our SEO? Yes, it can. And I would give you an example. We all have some leftovers in containers somewhere in the back of our fridge. And those containers may get our attention one […]

How Rich Content Affects Rankings and Conversions

“Rich content counts, creative copy engenders good ranking and there’s no gaming about it” – Peter Hatherley – Or how Hummingbird changed the Landscape of the Web Forever. Why did Google launched Hummingbird in the first place? Well, Google wants  to become an answer engine, answering users’ questions rather than providing a list of URLs. This update takes […]

Lead Generation Strategy Tips

“Your audience no longer wants their attention bought – they want it earned” SEO tip of the day (via +Tara Jacobsen) To be successful in your Lead Generation Strategy you have you have to understand that “It All Starts with Content”.Content is the foundation, the base on which you can start building your marketing leads. Whether […]

How to Write High-Quality Content #semrushchat Highlights

Highlights Article by Elena Terenteva ( “Great content is a high-priority task for a lot of marketers. Every piece of content we create is not only valuable in itself; every article is a piece of the puzzle that we put together to create a clear and panoramic picture of the business niche we work in. Speaking of […]

Creating authoritative content for your customers

“Texts that just talk and talk and say nothing cannot win you an audience.” – Teodora Petkova Yesterday’s rules are gone. Today, webmasters and SEO professionals have to shift their focus towards the creation of relevant, newsworthy and authoritative content. What is authoritative content? Authoritative content is reliable, responsible and having a good reputation in the […]

SEO Tip of the day (well more like 9 Killer SEO Tips)

If, like me, you’re thinking that writing an article every day might be hard work, then it might just be a way to create a ‘weekly article’ which you can then use to summarize what’s happened in the last week and look at what you could be doing differently in your industry. So there is […]