Germany wants Google to reveal its search algorithm

Germany wants Google to reveal its search algorithm

Two days ago Germany announced that they want access to Google’s search algorithm. To be honest with you I believe I deserve to have this access more than Germany. Mark Traphagen wants access as well. Thinking now everybody in Stone Temple Consulting wants this access plus half of the world. Yes not everybody, don’t worry, just half of the world.

If you gonna give it to the German Justice Minister Heiko Maas, who by the way didn’t even set up his Google Authorship, how can you deny my access to this treasure: the person who’s been fighting, researching and working with Google’s search algorithm forever. At least their BMW and Mercedes pages are always in a top position – my listings are not even appearing on the first page.

While at it why doesn’t he ask for the Coca Cola Recipe as well someone suggested. They also control a big share of the market, they also have this elusive recipe that everybody (especially their competitors) wants to know.

Germany wants Google to reveal its search algorithm

Going back to Google I forgot to mention the spammers – very bad name for otherwise very self-driven and business oriented people. Their jobs (whole families struggling after the latest Panda) depend on this algorithm and suddenly Minister Heiko Maas wants it just for himself and his people (businesses more likely).

Is it gonna happen? On a more serious note: No. The whole Google business model is about this algorithm. This algorithm is the heart of Google wealth and popularity. Do you wanna search for the nearest restaurant and get a result for a car discount. Probably not. We all want Google to do well as we all want relevant information at our fingertips. Do we want Google to change some of its actions like constant algorithm changes and interfering with our private life? Yes. We want many changes in Google policies, but giving up its search algorithm to one single country is definitely not one of them.


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