Google's Search Analytics Report

Google’s New Search Analytics Report – More Refined Data

As I’ve been working with this new feature for some time let’s see what people are saying about it.

Google Webmasters: “If you manage a website, you need a deep understanding of how users find your site and how your content appears on Google’s search results. Until now, this data was shown in the Search Queries report, probably the most used feature in Webmaster Tools. Over the years, we’ve been listening to your feedback and features requests. How many of you wished they could compare traffic on desktop and mobile? How many of you needed to compare metrics in different countries? or in two different time frames?”

AJ Kohn: “The new Search Analytics report enables you to break down your site’s search data and filter it in many different ways in order to analyze it more precisely. For instance, you can now compare your mobile traffic before and after the April 21st Mobile update, to see how it affected your traffic.

Out of beta and going live for everyone to play with. There’s a lot to look at.”

Google's Search Analytics Report

Brian Jensen: “GWT has released a robust new Search Analytics report that allows users to segment/filter data across queries, countries, devices, pages & search type.

Data in the Search Analytics report is much more accurate than data in the older Search Queries report, and it is calculated differently. _


John Mueller: “Woohoo, this is a fantastic new feature in Webmaster Tools. Check it out! “

Martino Mosna: “It is indeed. I really love the way filters works, very insightful.

I’m now looking forward to Google Analytics integration and API support.”

Mary Iannotti: “Search Analytics, which is more accurate than data in the Search Queries report, is available in Google Webmaster Tools. You can find it under the Search Traffic menu.

It’s a cool report that tells you the position and click-through-rate of search queries that bring people to your website. The data provides insight into searcher’s intent, which queries are performing well, potential topics you can create content about and which areas of your SEO strategy need more attention.”

Varun Mittal: “Go Deeper into Deep. Amazing report”

I wonder what William Rock thinks about this new tool? 🙂

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