Spider and Bots Filtering in Google Analytics

Spider and Bots Filtering in Google Analytics

Again Google surprised us this month by introducing a new and this time quite useful filter called “Bot Filtering”. For a long time webmasters were asking the question of how much of traffic to their website comes from real human and how much traffic actually comes from spiders and bots. I can tell you now – when blocked you probably gonna see a significant drop in your monthly visits which in fact gonna give you a better understanding of your website visitors.

With more accurate numbers webmasters and marketers are now in position to adjust their campaigns to target real human being,  as we all know web spiders and bots don’t really deliver revenue.

In my opinion this is one of the most significant and important updates Google has done in recent months.

How to activate “Bot Filtering”.

As usual head to your  Admin settings. Under View settings underneath the Currency setting just click the checkbox that reads: “Exclude all hits from known bots and spiders” and now you have all known spiders and bots filtered in your analytics results.

Spider and Bots Filtering in Google Analytics

Simple and effective. Now start analysing the real numbers.

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4 responses to “Spider and Bots Filtering in Google Analytics”

  1. If google can filter boot spyder, why don’t to banned them? I’ve heard before, many robot spyder are dangerous for our site.

    1. Omi Sido avatar

      Hi Forlia,

      Google cannot ban spiders and bots coming to your site. You can do that with a robots.txt/.htaccess file. On top of that not all bots and spiders are bad for your site.

  2. $$$$ Add FUN ….. at least i tolled the Truth …….!

  3. More significantly, Google is a number of the spiders. No spiders, no search engine results

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