Digital Marketing

Why do organizations win when they put users at the centre of product development?

Ever since the Industrial Revolution, it has been an unspoken truth that businesses need to create products and services that they believe will be of use to their customers. And in order to do so, they need to understand what their customers need and want. Product teams strive to stay up to date with market…

Search Leeds SEO Conference

Retailers STOP thinking store, START thinking story | SearchLeeds 2018

We all like feeling special. When our needs are met, when our voices are heard, and when we’re being paid attention to, we feel positive. These are the feelings retailers and brands must invoke in customers if they wish to remain competitive. Beyond the basic requirements of meeting demand for products, retailers and brands also…


Optimising customer experience in the age of conversational AI | BrightonSEO 2018

In today’s digital age, the biggest differentiator for success is often the customer experience. Many customers are no longer loyal to a company based on brand image, product offerings or even price. In the end, how the consumer reflects on their interactions could be the biggest factor that influences whether they come back or not.…


Customer Experience

For every organisation the customer experience should be a journey and not a destination. The experience that you deliver to your customers from social media every single day to the final  transaction, either builds value for your brand or destroys it. Think also beyond the traditional beginning and end of an interaction with the client.…