The Sunday Talk – Personal Branding

The Sunday Talk - Personal Branding

Today on my way back home I was hit by a car. I am ok, honestly, I am ok. The elbow is a bit swollen. It probably needs a bit of icing. So it makes you think. You can die in a blink of an eye. It also makes you think: What is my legacy? What am I actually leaving behind? Let me tell you something. Let your very identity be your legacy. Try an touch as many hearts as you can in your lifetime.

Being good to people is probably the greatest legacy you can leave behind.

I am sorry but I have to completely disagree with this statement. In my opinion, nowadays customers have a natural dislike for big corporations which are often seen a greedy, lying and faceless. On the other hand, yes, on the other hand, personal brands are individuals with unique personal qualities.

The more trustworthy they are the easier will be t generate trust among your shared user base. This can lead to more passionate followers and better initial customer relationships especially if you are trying to penetrate new markets.

Use different personal brands to cater to different audiences

My advice will be to use different personal brands to cater to different audiences. For example, you may want to develop two separate personal brands each of which becomes an expert in two opposite fields. For example, I may like mirrorless cameras. John may like DSLRs. This will greatly help you build niche expertise in separate areas without fully alienating the audience of your core corporate brand.

After talking for an hour about personal branding I realised that people will not listen to you if they don’t like you. How to change that? Well, you have to promise and then you have to deliver.

The importance of your personal brand

David Amerland

Is personal branding important?

Well in a word yes. But in order to understand it completely, we need to talk about two things. We need to talk about Social Identity Theory and Brand Behavioural values. And those two things although they are separate they are actually connected and the moment we take everything online they converge upon the individual and we come to question we are trying to address now.
I can talk about this pretty much all day and we don’t have all day so I am going to be as succinct as possible. Social Identity Theory essentially says that we join groups and we then enhance those groups through a behaviour sharing activity, judgements, biases and so on. Because the more powerful the group and the more enhance it is they are better that reflects upon us.

Brand Behavioural values essentially say that brands behave in very specific ways which project very specific characteristics in a consistent manner which allows that brand to be recognisable.

So if we are working online or even if we are existing online which is an intentional activity we essentially engage in activities which are intended to both enhance us and the groups which we join by association which then reflects back on us and this is classic Social Identity Theory and we also engage upon activities designed to basically make us stand out from the crowd which are essentially copies of brand behavioural, brand behavioural elements.

So, in a nutshell, how do we, what do we do when we get online we use a conflation of those two to enchase our own identity and enchase the groups which we basically join and reflect well upon ourselves. And in a manner of speaking, we are creating personal brands.
So there it is very quickly. I hope it helps.

Building an authentic personal brand

The first and the more important part of building a personal brand is to be authentic. Don’t insult your follower’s intelligence. People can spot a faker from a mile away no matter how convincing you think you are.

Personal Branding - Be You

When it comes to building your personal brand online the biggest mistake I see is lack of clarity. So let me give you 3 powerful questions to help you a strategic, thoughtful approach to growth.

Who is your target audience?

The first question is ‘Who is your target audience? Who are you trying to reach online? And the answer cannot be everybody cause it just doesn’t work. I am sure you’ve seen this quote online a lot: If you are trying to reach everybody you end up reaching nobody.

What is your value proposition?

The second question is: What is your value proposition? Or in other words what type of content are you posting online and how often?

Who are you and how do you help people?

The third question is Who are you and how do you help people?

These 3 questions are critical to really standing out and getting noticed online.

One thing I wanna say here is:

Building your personal brand you should try and be as human as possible.

So for example, if you are an SEO like me yes you should be also talking about food, good movies, books but if I come to your online profile within 5 seconds I should be able to tell what your core, main value proposition is.

Talking about online profiles, don’t forget to come here next Sunday so you can ask me the questions and I can give you the answers.

The Sunday Talk – Adapt or Die

Adapt Or Die

Interview with OnCrawl

New week, new online interview. In about 10 minutes I’m gonna be talking to Emma Labrador about my favourite SEO crawler called OnCrawl. Before you ask me I’m gonna tell you. OnCrawl is a very visual, data-driven SEO tool that can help you build your SEO strategy with confidence. Link in the description.

I used to be a front-end developer and used to build a lot of websites for big companies like for example Vecton Mobile. At the time you know we are talking about 6-7 years ago, even yeah 6-7 years ago there was nothing like Digital Marketing. So very quickly I realised that Internet would be, you know would be big one day and traditional marketing has to evolve. With that in mind at the time, I was building those websites I was, I literally wanted them to be first findable and second be profitable.

And as you know I am still talking a lot about SEO being part of Digital Marketing and not a separate entity.

Or the way I call it “rankings to revenue.”

So basically that’s me Omi Sido. I normally talk about technical SEO, rankings and revenue.

Emma: That’s a good start.

Yeah, I will try to be as serious as possible, ok?

Personal Branding

It's difficult to achieve success without hope and confidence.
It’s difficult to achieve success without hope and confidence – Omi Sido

Emma: And you really, how do you say, you really like to share best practices with the community.

Yes, I am always me. I am always Omi Sido. I am never, you know, I am not afraid to show my strengths and my weaknesses. Because people learn from me and I learn from them. Right? And don’t be afraid to be vulnerable basically. Because we all have weaknesses. Let’s be honest. This is why I said you have to really find your strengths, your weaknesses and you have to kind of make a, find a way to make them visible. When people see you as a human being online they like you.

Emma: That’s true.

Omi: Sounds very serious.

Emma: What are you doing in your free time when you are not doing SEO?

Teamwork in Digital Marketing

Teamwork in Digital Marketing
No individual can win the Digital Marketing game by himself – Omi Sido

I know I don’t talk a lot about it and it may seem online that I do everything on my own. But the truth is I am surrounded by a bunch of very good people. Teamwork is essential to success and growth. And I know there are a lot of people out there who think they can do it all on their own but the truth is they can’t.

Having a good team of individuals around you not only helps you to stay grounded but it also enables you to think in different ways.

Tuesday evening. Eight o’clock. A lot of my mates went to the pub to watch the game, you know, Real Madrid PSG. But me no no no no no no. I am collecting my new drill.

You know you are getting old when you are excited about a new drill.

What is RankBrain?

Somebody just asked me online “Omi, can you describe RankBrain in one sentence? Describing RankBrain in one sentence is not an easy job. On the other side, if you can’t describe something in one sentence you probably don’t know it well. With that in mind, my answer would be.

RanBrain: give your audience the best content and work your hardest to get them to stay on your page.

How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing

Today I wanna give a big, massive shout out to Liam Fallen. “I’ve just started my first Technical SEO role today. Aiming to have a career like you mate!”
Liam, your words mean a lot to me. It feels so unreal that somebody actually wants to be like me. I’ve started my Digital Marketing journey because of a guy named David Amerland. And I still remember all the advice he gave me in the beginning. So today I’m gonna give you my advice.

From today hard work, numbers and creativity should be your best friends. In fact, they should be your only friends.

The best travel mug

Guys, have you seen my new coffee mug from Bodum? Such a great idea. You just put some coffee, you pour some hot water, you screw the lid, you wait for 3 minutes and you press. Freshly brewed coffee anywhere in the world. Meanwhile, something that I’ve noticed this morning. Time in New York and no search results. Google, thank you very much. How shall we call this new feature? Voice search in the SERPs.

What’s Hot in Digital in 2018?

What’s Hot in Digital in 2018?

This was Apple big update last year in about the third quarter. But going all the way through to being able actually to update your sit on a flight. To have that capability in a messaging App when we think about messaging kind of in our heads is a little bit more as text originally. We go from texting into basically an App.
Yes, it’s messaging. Yes, you are talking to it but it’s doing all the things that you used to do in an App. And actually, this is just what WeChat did 3-4 years ago now. I mean it’s really we are copying WeChat where there were years ago. The other thing that Apple has launched…

All Toys R Us stores to close their doors

Unfortunately, this week the store that we all remember from our childhood Toys “R” Us decided to close all its stores across the UK and the USA forever.
I know a lot of people are mentioning a lot of reasons online for the collapse of the toy giant but let me tell you the real story. The real story is: Toys “R” Us never believed in the Internet.

  • First, in early 2000 they outsourced themselves to Amazon which literally forced everybody to start buying from Amazon rather than the Toys “R” Us network.
  • Second, the never really adapted to the new business online e-commerce reality.If Toys “R” Us the dominant niche retail leader in a multi-billion industry is dead what do you think it’s gonna happen with your business in the next 5 years?

Or in short “Adapt or Die.”

On a more happier note next week I am going to my favourite city Paris where I’m gonna be talking about Technical SEO. But you do come back here next Sunday cause you’ve got the problems and I’ve got the solutions.

The Sunday Talk – Social Media Tips

Social Media Tips

I wanna make a statement. Waking up before 6 am should be illegal.

What do I think about Social Media?

Guys, it’s not even 6 am in the UK.
What I really think about social media is that for decades, large media companies have controlled the tools through which consumers and small business were told what to wear, what to eat, what to buy and what and how to think.
Nowadays consumers and small business possess the same ability to produce, distribute and curate content and disperse brand engagement across vast distances. In my opinion,

Social media transformed the marketing industry forever.

Monday morning. Eight o’clock. One webinar done. Two more to go this week on social media. I think it’s time for some social media tips.

Yes, in my opinion, all businesses should be on LinkedIn. I just don’t get it. Nowadays LinkedIn is like Facebook for businesses.
You’ve probably heard many, many times already, but I want to stress it one more time: LinkedIn is no longer optional, James, for any businesses, big or small. This social network provides you with a large network of professionals, sales opportunities, credibility.

Last but not least marketing platform for your business. And I will give you just one example. I’ve heard it recently that almost 70 percent of B2B buyers, B2B buyers prefer to work with recommendations from their professional network.

Yes, I’ve stopped the car. It’s not always easy to drive and talk, you know. But to continue our conversation.
Social media is meant to be interactive, you know. Don’t simply post and run. I will give you an example. The other day I saw a nice pair of shoes online and I was like ‘Guys, I love your shoes. Where can I buy them?’ It took them three days to answer. Three days. Exactly what I said don’t simply post and run. Spend some time building relationships with your customers, you know. As well as other business owners.

If you are in the restaurant business and somebody downtown uploaded a nice chicken recipe online just say something. Say like ‘nice recipe’. His followers will see your comment and they will definitely check your profile as well and probably follow you.
So the conclusion is:

Re-post content you enjoy and take the time to answer questions or address concerns in an honest but professional manner.

Well it’s Friday and you are probably fed up listening to my voice all week so let’s ask Zara Altair one of the best American ghost writers about her top social media tip.

Zara Altair: My social media tip is Be yourself. So what that means is the basic essence of you, the basic essence of you. David Amerland in SEO help calls it ‘your signal’. And it’s essentially living your mission statement so that if you are doing short conversations that may be a long stream on Twitter or very involved conversations on Google Plus chatting with people on Facebook each one can be a little bit different but underneath is you. So that’s my Social Media tip whatever your strategy for different Social Media platforms the most important thing is letting yourself shine.

We all know Omi. We all instantly know Omi and that’s because he is giving us that sense of himself. And Omi is a great illustration.

So, Be Yourself!

If it’s time to go back and rethink your mission statement for your business I highly recommend doing and SEO Help is a great way to get in touch with that. It’s in questions section number 19 ‘From strings to things’. Anyway, that’s my tip because you are always going to be real and that’s the way people engage and connect with you.

Social Media is all about connection. It’s not about broadcasting the great thing that you have whether is a product or service. Social media is about connecting with people in a real and honest way. So even when you are sharing articles which may illustrate your expertise or find the benefit of your product still you are going to be connecting to the people who respond to that. So you ‘Be yourself’. That is my tip.

Fixing the old lady is never an easy job. It’s very similar to your online reputation. Once it’s damaged going back is not an easy job. Yous should constantly monitor your brand mentions online so you are in a position to respond to negative sentiment straight away.
Now I am leaving you with Gerry White the founder of the Take It Offline movement in the UK.

Gerry White: Hi, so Omi was asking some tips for Social media and one of the biggest tips I can give anybody is basically about engagement. It’s not a broadcast medium. If you are somebody who is just broadcasting on Social Media you are probably just broadcasting to other broadcasters. Nobody is gonna listen to somebody who just broadcast so engage, talk, discuss. You will learn more. You will find out stuff.

Social media is for engagement not just for broadcasting.

David Amerland: When it comes to Social Media the questions that we face and the problems which we actually have to deal with the challenges if you like are not dissimilar to the ones which we face in the offline world.
So essentially they are problems which revolve around content, quality, quantity, identity, authenticity.

We ask ourselves all the time ‘How do I manage to project the real values of me without oversharing? How do I become authentic when essentially I am creating layers of artificiality which allow me to connect with my audience. How do I manage to be human?
In other words when everything which we do is very intent driven, very intentional and a lot of the times like this video in many ways clearly over thought.

Well, there is an easy solution to this and essentially the way out of this morass of complexity is to take the entire content creation approach in a very sustainable manner and make it part of the narrative of your identity. In other words do not be afraid to imbue what you do in the online world with all the interesting things which drive you, with all the things which essentially challenge you and project those touch points of humanity, those touch points of essentially the shared journey in the online world with a content which you create with your audience.

And if you do that, if you create the kind of narrative which becomes part of your identity which has to some degree vulnerability if you like but also manages to show evolution and some kind of development than you are bound to basically connect with people at a more human level. You are bound to find more of an audience in what you do and that audience will resonate more with your content. So you will avoid the pitfall of sounding too artificial, not human in other words and the audience will appreciate this. I hope this helps. Take care.

Social Media Tips

Saying something smart after Gerry, Zara and Mr David Amerland is not easy. So I will leave you with one of my favourite Omi Sido’s Social Media quotes.

Selling on Social Media is for amateurs. Connecting is for pros.

Guys, next week I am going to the beautiful Spanish city called Valencia but you do come back here next Sunday cause you’ve got the problems and I’ve got the solutions.

A Letter to Client (What Is SEO, Really?)

What is SEO?

The question was: What is SEO, really?

The answer.

I understand your confusion. I believe you are seeing SEO only as something IT. You can’t be more wrong.

So let me take you on a journey. Imagine a fruit market 50 years ago. And let say you wanted to buy some apples. But not just any apples.
You want to find the best-tasting apples out there.


So you go to the market and instinctively you are drawn to the table with the best-looking apples – big, red juicy apples. Job done. You are happy.
Would you be able to find those apples if they were hidden under a bag of potatoes underneath somebody’s table? I don’t think so.

This is what SEO is. Search engines are our eyes in the digital world so we can find the best apples online. But in order to find them, they must be positioned online in such a way (search engine optimized) so our eyes – the search engines – can see them.

Omi Sido Trust Your SEO

Whatever your product is you need SEO for the people to find you online. It’s called SEO – search engine optimization but in the real world, we are optimizing for the people.

Or in the words of David Amerland (as you’ve mentioned him earlier in our conversation),

“semantic search is the beginning of the convergence of traditional ‘online’ with ‘offline’ – the two will become one and the same, characterized by a different bandwidth and available functionality.”

The Sunday Talk – Voice Search Is Here To Stay

The Sunday Talk – Voice Search Is Here To Stay

Hi, guys. it’s Monday 27 of March and I am on my way to work.
Nice weather so I am thinking: Every time people want to start something new they will do it on a Monday.
So this week I want you to start thinking about Voice Search and the effect it may have on your SEO/Digital Marketing in the future.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, read this article by the amazing Purna Virji called “The Step-By-Step Guide to Testing Voice Search Via PPC“.

Have a great week, guys. Love you. Peace.

Alexa, I am going to the shop. What’s on my shopping list?

Alexa: You have five items on your shopping list.
Cheese. Dark Chocolate. Black olives. Whiskey. Wine.

Busted. The whiskey is for my neighbour. He loves whiskey.

Yes, Martin. I am so happy you are asking about Voice Search because your business is a prime target. Yes, a prime target of Voice Search.
I will give you some tips. Do you mind if I record them for my Sunday Talk? Don’t worry – I’m not gonna mention your company.
So let me give you some tips.

The first thing you should think about is:

  1. Your website should be mobile friendly and follows all Google mobile SEO best practices. All of them.
  2. The second thing structured data. Yes, Purna Virji mentioned it in the video. You’ve seen the video. Good. Structured data is very important so Google can really understand your website.
    You have to implement structured data. If you don’t know I will give you some tips.
  3. And then when it comes to content keep in mind the conversational nature of voice searches. People don’t just say ‘Bus’.
    They say ‘Alexa, when is the next bus coming?’ or ‘Where is the nearest bus stop?’
    Develop questions that searchers may ask and make sure you have content that answers those questions. This includes adding Q&A content to your site.
  4. And then something very important. Optimise local sources as mobile voice searches often involve “near me” questions.
    You do it all the time (Asking “near me” questions).

Purna: Anyway, you can call Omi. Omi is one of the best technical SEO’s in the whole world, and I can truly vouch for that. So yeah, talk to Omi for any technical SEO questions. Make sure your citations are diverse if you have.

The third step is to go and do some keyword research, now I know the sort of intent people are coming from.

Omi: Can I just stop you here for a second? Because for the second time, you’ve mentioned citations. Are they really that important?

Purna: They are that important because people tend to just go and look and they may not even click through save all the information that people are seeing is on your citation and they don’t have a chance to go to your website to find the address, and then yes it going to be really important. Make sure your address is fine, the phone number is correct, hours are correct.

I’ll give you an example. It was Easter weekend, my mum and I wanted to go shopping, and we said okay is any store open? So I did a search for a large retailer here and I asked is he open? And he said yes open until 9 am to 9 pm so I’m like fabulous. We went. It was closed. It was so frustrating when I went out, I was like “I’m not going to this stupid store again”. I was so annoyed. And so we looked up another store.Yes, Easter hours, we are only open till 5 but we are open today. So that was good. That was helpful.

Reviews are also really important, especially If you are local. Make sure that reviews are what people see first and they may not click anymore to give you more chance to explain.
The first impression is all that is going to matter. So yes even if you are not a local business, sometimes citations just seem, just your reviews online are important.

The third one is: think about the intent and look at only a couple of different places. We’ve seen examples of companies that we’ve consulted with and who’ve started optimising for voice and the results that they’ve seen are lift in traffic and then engagements when they’ve optimised.

So the question is always where do I start? And it’s not that difficult. It’s like prioritise from your top 2 or 3 most profitable keywords – start from that – and look at the longer tail versions that could be most relevant to it. So rather than say Bahamas vacations, “what’s the best family vacation deal for the Bahamas?”.
That’s probably a good keyword longer tail that could be on voice search right? Bahamas vacations might be your number one keyword but like “what’s the best family vacation deal for the Bahamas?” is a really good voice search keyword. It gives you so much more information than just Bahamas vacation. It tells you that they are looking for a deal. It tells you that they are family and they probably have immediate purchase intent. So try to look at those type of queries and then you can think about how do I best optimise, do I have a page that answers that question? Do I have a page that talks about this family vacations? Do I have enough supporting content? And that’s all it is. It’s like think about the intent and the right actions that they are likely to take and optimise just for that.

Guys, whether you like it or you don’t Voice Search is here to stay.
Not many people are talking about it but when it comes to voice search there is no competition for the SERPs positions a there is only one position THE MOST RELEVANT.
So if your company is not there yo gonna suffer big time in the future.
Many people are asking me ‘Where should I start with Voice Search?’
Well, my video with Purna Virji is a good starting point.
But I will also ask you to go back in time and read the Google Semantic Search by Mr. David Amerland as relevancy is getting more and more important by the day.

Guys, next week I am going to the biggest SEO conference in Europe – Brighton SEO – where I will be presenting but you do come back here next Sunday because you’ve got the problems and I’ve got the solutions.

Love you. Peace.

The Sunday Talk – Old marketing is dead. Long live marketing.

The Sunday Talk – Old marketing is dead. Long live marketing.

Hi, Guys! It’s Monday. But you woke up, didn’t you? So it means you are still alive. Go and kick some butt. Don’t let Mondays bring you down.
Own them like a boss!

It’s Thursday morning and I am on my way to work but I can’t stop thinking about a video I saw yesterday by Matt Daley. Obviously, he is talking about sales but I can relate his vision to SEO and Social Media. It is becoming increasingly obvious that we have to connect to our customers in a meaningful way. I know a lot of people are talking about it so the point I am trying to make is that it’s not out meaningful way anymore but what the customer determines to be a meaningful conversation. As a business, you cannot afford anymore not to know your customer.
Knowing your customer is of a paramount importance for future business success.

And now one of those midweek wisdoms (#wednesdaywisom).
People always ask me ‘How do you grow in Social Media?’ and I would extend this to business and life. And my answer is always very simple. Be prepared to do things that you are not entirely ready to do.
Surprise yourself, surprise your friends – the people around you. Surprise life. This is how you grow!

Digital Marketing is a commitment. Not a growth hacking strategy.

I love the way Amy Schmittauer hustled Gary Vee. But this is exactly why I’m reading her book. This girl gonna be very big one day. I’m gonna tweet about it.

Many people said so many things about a statement that I made this week that old rules of marketing no longer apply.
Let me be very clear about one thing. I don’t think that old rules of marketing are dying. I strongly believe that they are dead.

Let me give you some examples.

1. Advertisements in the past were meant to appeal to the GENERAL public. Basically, old-school marketing tactics were aimed at a large group of nameless, faceless group of people that may or may not have been interested in the products or service in question.

Today, successful marketing campaigns that capture the minds, the hearts, and the wallets of customers are those that are strategically tailored to the consumer’s unique interests, needs, lifestyles.
One-size-fits-all marketing is out. The sooner you understand it the better.

2. We all remember the time when advertising INTERRUPTED the audience with a one-way message. In a way, companies were pushing their message in front of audiences.
(In all honesty, this strategy did work for some time.)
Today instead of pushing your company should pull people towards your brand with relevant and engaging content.

You probably already know my 3 golden rules: Customer. Platform. Content.

3. Last but not least – Trust.
Let me quote here Mr. David Amerland.

“Trust is what monetizes the attention economy.”

Let me explain this one to you.
Instant access to information (even when on the road using our mobile phones) has led to INCREASED demand for information. People EXPECT the marketers of a services or products to provide information that backs up their marketing claim.
Without solid information, you’ve got no credibility. No credibility means no TRUST. Without trust, there can be no sustainable business!

Have a nice week, guys. You’ve got the problems. I’ve got the solutions.

The Sunday Talk – The Power Of Social Media

The Power Of Social Media

Somebody was just asking me about good content writing. And I am like ‘Stop writing about everything. So many companies and brands are trying to cover everything instead of finding one thing and becoming experts around it.
Find your niche and then go even more niche!’

I came up to the conclusion that success in whatever it is that you are doing is never an accident.
Wake up early. Work hard. Always stay positive.

“Being trusted is the single most sustainable way to grow your business.” – Omi Sido

And if you think that I sound a little bit like Mr. David Amelrand, it is only because the guy is so so right.

Yesterday I met a bunch of local businessmen and one question kept on popping up. Why do I talk about Social Media so much? Why do I put so much emphasis on Social Media?

To understand my obsession with Social media I have to start from the very beginning.

The main goal of every organizational design is to ensure there is an efficient information flow – internally between different stakeholders, different departments, managers and externally with customers and suppliers – in order for a business to make a timely and informed decision for future products and services.

But now businesses that historically relied on top to down information flow are losing their competitive edge to smaller, more agile startups that are leveraging the power of the Social Media Brain in order to process information more efficiently.

Instead of relying on their limited knowledge pool they are diving into the sea of information that Social Media is creating.
So what’s happening in real life is that in order to survive the so-called ‘old companies’ have to learn from the newcomers.

You can be one of those newcomers if you make the effort to leverage the power of Social Media.

The Sunday Talk – If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old

Today was my first day at work in 2017 so let’s talk about 3 Digital Marketing lessons I learned in 2016.


The first one is a community. Building a community around an idea or industry takes a lot of time and effort. But once you lure them in you can sell anything in your niche. So say if I continue talking about SEO or Digital Marketing I can eventually sell SEO or indeed Digital Marketing services.


The second one is newsletters. Following the steps of Gianluca Fiorelli, I started producing a daily newsletter (last year) talking about Digital Marketing and SEO. And to be honest with you I am overwhelmed with the results.
(Anton Shulke knows everything about it)
So in my opinion Newsletters should be part of your content delivery strategy.
Tip: Keep them straight to the point. Look after your headlines.


The third tip – last but not least – is influencers. Influencers are essential for your Content Marketing success. I will give you an example.
On a bad day, I can tweet about a nicely written article about SEO or Digital Marketing and I can have zero interactions within two days.

On another day I can just tweet a quote from an influencer like Mark Traphagen or David Amerland and I’m gonna have two hundred interactions within two hours.
When it comes to influencers: find them, follow them, talk to them.
Influencers can amplify your online presence. Or in other words, influencers can open the gates to your Content Marketing success.

I’ve never been good at fixing things. I’d rather to it the right way from the beginning.

Coming to the gym on a Sunday is a state of mind.

Sunday gym and two weeks into the New Year’s resolution cycle the parking lot behind me is empty. Coming to the gym on a Sunday is not a New Year’s resolution. Coming to the gym on a Sunday is a state of mind. Or like some people say “If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.”

Adidas, Adidas, Adidas, Do they have the best materials? I don’t know.
Do they have the most comfortable gear? I don’t know. What I do know is they’ve got their branding. While you were thinking that they were brainstorming about the cotton level in their materials they were actually researching, looking into the customer behavior.

“When customers buy from you, they are not just buying a product. They are placing their trust in your company!”

Yours Truly,

Omi Sido

The Sunday Talk – Do you know your customers?

The Sunday Talk with Omi Sido - Do you know your customers?

US Elections 2016

Many people are asking me about Donald Trump, the election, the USA.
I can’t hide it I am a bit disappointed. But then let me tell you something: America is the biggest democracy in the World. One man cannot hurt it. We don’t live in the 60’s. We live in 2016. With the Internet and Social Media, there are no borders anymore.

Augmented Reality

One thing is becoming quite obvious – you not gonna thrive in the future if you don’t understand that the Internet and Social Media are basically the future of business. Not just that. The Internet and Social Media are the future of humanity. Especially with the forthcoming Augmented Reality.

Don’t get fooled by Trump and his borders. In fact, don’t get fooled by any politician. Country borders are thing of the past.

Have you ever been in a fight where somebody was punching you in the face but you kept on going? Well doing SEO is like that. Google is constantly coming up with new updates. But you know what? Nobody ever told you it’s gonna be easy. It’s not about you, it’s about their business. So instead of concentrating on Google concentrate on your customers.

Successful SEO Strategy

Creating a successful SEO strategy means employing a thoughtful, adaptable approach that covers everything from technical SEO to your website’s infrastructure to the customer journey and the one very important to understand is targeted approaches to content marketing.

You need an SEO strategy that not only outlines your basic plans of action but also defines the goals you’re trying to achieve. And I am not just talking about your SEO goals but also your business/company goals.

Digital Marketing is the Future of Business

Are we bad marketers? No, we are not. We are just used to the old ways (of doing marketing). But there is a new kid in town. It’s called Digital Marketing. How do I define Digital Marketing? First find who your customers are. Second follow them and talk to them on every Social Media they spend their time online. It’s that simple.

Now go and read Infuse Your Business Identity With Personal Brand Power by Gina Fiedel.
Have you noticed the new design?

“I hope you’ve managed to make the right moral choices this week in your shopping which means that you are now considering all this from the midst of lakes of coffee and mountains of doughnuts, cookies, croissants and chocolate cake. Have an awesome Sunday wherever you are. ” – Mr David Amerland

Dr Google

Doctor Google

“Real search is about providing valuable information when it’s really needed to those who are actually looking for it.”David Amerland

Last week Google started giving health related answers in the  #KnowledgeGraph  answer boxes. So from now on Google will start giving relevant medical facts right up front from the Google Knowledge Graph.But those facts are not coming from Wikipedia or other websites (official announcement here:

Is there a reason behind this bold move by Google?

Well on average one out of 20 Google searches are seeking health-related information. The search giant now wants to show answers that were created especially for Google and not collected from the web. Here is how Google describes the creation of this content:

“We worked with a team of medical doctors (led by our own Dr. Kapil Parakh, M.D., MPH, Ph.D.) to carefully compile, curate, and review this information. All of the gathered facts represent real-life clinical knowledge from these doctors and high-quality medical sources across the web, and the information has been checked by medical doctors at Google and the Mayo Clinic for accuracy.”

Is this shift from information presenter to information creator the future of the search giant?

Well only the future will tell. For now all we have to do is structure and mark up our data to make it more appetizing as a data source for the Knowledge Graph ( by Aaron Bradley).

Doctor Google

On the other side from a consumers point of view: Should you ever have more confidence in ‘Dr Google’ than your GP?

My opinion: I believe the thing with GPs is, obviously, being general practitioners their in depth knowledge of serious conditions is limited. Unfortunately with the state of the NHS in England you’re looking at a 3 week wait to see the GP and a 3 month wait to see a specialist. Being able to seek advice from Google may give you an advantage and leap past a few rounds of ‘let’s try this treatment’. Many doctors (and I have seeing it with my own eyes) use Google too.
In all cases it should be not very wise to ignore Google’s own advice:

“That doesn’t mean these search results are intended as medical advice. We know that cases can vary in severity from person to person, and that there are bound to be exceptions. What we present is intended for informational purposes only—and you should always consult a healthcare professional if you have a medical concern. “