Adapt Or Die

The Sunday Talk – Adapt or Die

Interview with OnCrawl

New week, new online interview. In about 10 minutes I’m gonna be talking to Emma Labrador about my favourite SEO crawler called OnCrawl. Before you ask me I’m gonna tell you. OnCrawl is a very visual, data-driven SEO tool that can help you build your SEO strategy with confidence. Link in the description.

I used to be a front-end developer and used to build a lot of websites for big companies like for example Vecton Mobile. At the time you know we are talking about 6-7 years ago, even yeah 6-7 years ago there was nothing like Digital Marketing. So very quickly I realised that Internet would be, you know would be big one day and traditional marketing has to evolve. With that in mind at the time, I was building those websites I was, I literally wanted them to be first findable and second be profitable.

And as you know I am still talking a lot about SEO being part of Digital Marketing and not a separate entity.

Or the way I call it “rankings to revenue.”

So basically that’s me Omi Sido. I normally talk about technical SEO, rankings and revenue.

Emma: That’s a good start.

Yeah, I will try to be as serious as possible, ok?

Personal Branding

It's difficult to achieve success without hope and confidence.
It’s difficult to achieve success without hope and confidence – Omi Sido

Emma: And you really, how do you say, you really like to share best practices with the community.

Yes, I am always me. I am always Omi Sido. I am never, you know, I am not afraid to show my strengths and my weaknesses. Because people learn from me and I learn from them. Right? And don’t be afraid to be vulnerable basically. Because we all have weaknesses. Let’s be honest. This is why I said you have to really find your strengths, your weaknesses and you have to kind of make a, find a way to make them visible. When people see you as a human being online they like you.

Emma: That’s true.

Omi: Sounds very serious.

Emma: What are you doing in your free time when you are not doing SEO?

Teamwork in Digital Marketing

Teamwork in Digital Marketing
No individual can win the Digital Marketing game by himself – Omi Sido

I know I don’t talk a lot about it and it may seem online that I do everything on my own. But the truth is I am surrounded by a bunch of very good people. Teamwork is essential to success and growth. And I know there are a lot of people out there who think they can do it all on their own but the truth is they can’t.

Having a good team of individuals around you not only helps you to stay grounded but it also enables you to think in different ways.

Tuesday evening. Eight o’clock. A lot of my mates went to the pub to watch the game, you know, Real Madrid PSG. But me no no no no no no. I am collecting my new drill.

You know you are getting old when you are excited about a new drill.

What is RankBrain?

Somebody just asked me online “Omi, can you describe RankBrain in one sentence? Describing RankBrain in one sentence is not an easy job. On the other side, if you can’t describe something in one sentence you probably don’t know it well. With that in mind, my answer would be.

RanBrain: give your audience the best content and work your hardest to get them to stay on your page.

How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing

Today I wanna give a big, massive shout out to Liam Fallen. “I’ve just started my first Technical SEO role today. Aiming to have a career like you mate!”
Liam, your words mean a lot to me. It feels so unreal that somebody actually wants to be like me. I’ve started my Digital Marketing journey because of a guy named David Amerland. And I still remember all the advice he gave me in the beginning. So today I’m gonna give you my advice.

From today hard work, numbers and creativity should be your best friends. In fact, they should be your only friends.

The best travel mug

Guys, have you seen my new coffee mug from Bodum? Such a great idea. You just put some coffee, you pour some hot water, you screw the lid, you wait for 3 minutes and you press. Freshly brewed coffee anywhere in the world. Meanwhile, something that I’ve noticed this morning. Time in New York and no search results. Google, thank you very much. How shall we call this new feature? Voice search in the SERPs.

What’s Hot in Digital in 2018?

What’s Hot in Digital in 2018?

This was Apple big update last year in about the third quarter. But going all the way through to being able actually to update your sit on a flight. To have that capability in a messaging App when we think about messaging kind of in our heads is a little bit more as text originally. We go from texting into basically an App.
Yes, it’s messaging. Yes, you are talking to it but it’s doing all the things that you used to do in an App. And actually, this is just what WeChat did 3-4 years ago now. I mean it’s really we are copying WeChat where there were years ago. The other thing that Apple has launched…

All Toys R Us stores to close their doors

Unfortunately, this week the store that we all remember from our childhood Toys “R” Us decided to close all its stores across the UK and the USA forever.
I know a lot of people are mentioning a lot of reasons online for the collapse of the toy giant but let me tell you the real story. The real story is: Toys “R” Us never believed in the Internet.

  • First, in early 2000 they outsourced themselves to Amazon which literally forced everybody to start buying from Amazon rather than the Toys “R” Us network.
  • Second, the never really adapted to the new business online e-commerce reality.If Toys “R” Us the dominant niche retail leader in a multi-billion industry is dead what do you think it’s gonna happen with your business in the next 5 years?

Or in short “Adapt or Die.”

On a more happier note next week I am going to my favourite city Paris where I’m gonna be talking about Technical SEO. But you do come back here next Sunday cause you’ve got the problems and I’ve got the solutions.

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