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  • The Sunday Talk - The Inbounder Conference

    The Sunday Talk – The Inbounder Conference

    Monday. Bank Holiday and today I am planning to do absolutely nothing. Why can’t we have 3 days off every single week? On my way to The Inbounder. As usual, I am fashionably late. But then the weather is so nice. The summer is finally here. Wednesday. The day after The Inbounder conference and before…

  • The Inbounder 2016 - The best Inbound Marketing Conference in Europe

    Don’t you ever give up!

    One day you will wake up and all your dreams will be a reality.The Powerhouse European SEO Gianluca Fiorelli opened his eyes on Thursday (May 19,2016) morning and his dream of a conference where knowledge flows like a river opened doors for the first time.Sleepless nights, cans of coffee and a sea of worries all…