The Sunday Talk (Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you!)

The Sunday Talk (Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you!)

I’m not one of those people that love working. I’d rather be in bed. But I just love what I am doing. The insights, the numbers, the psychology, the thrill of finding new stuff. Or the way the people say it “find a job that you love and you don’t have to work for life.”

What’s your favourite blog?

Well, it has to be by Gina Fiedel. I find a lot of inspiration there.
Professionally probably the Moz Blog (with Rand Fishkin) or SEMrush. Not to forget David is one of my favourite websites ever.

What is your favourite SEO tool?

Well, it has to be SEMrush. Getting to know your customers is so important nowadays. You may think or you may say “I am the best” but then everybody says “I am the best”.
(Using the will allow you to stay on top of what you are doing and what others are doing around you. Don’t walk blind in the online world. Also, beautiful people like Olga Andrienko and Kate Makulova work for this dynamic company. You like working with beautiful people, don’t you?)

Yesterday I had this conversation with Anton Shulke about blogging, quality of blogging and SEO. I came up to the conclusion that it’s not about the quality or the quantity. The frequency. The end goal is to make you talk to your customers. Show them the uniqueness of your business.

Talk to your customers.

I am quite happy as the big Social Media/SEO guru Mark Traphagen read one of my articles and gave me feedback. It was not all positive (I love his honesty). The truth is born when two honest individuals are having an honest conversation.

And now a joke. Heathrow Airport just called. They want me to add more landing pages.
Tuesday can be quite funny you know.

It’s Wednesday and I am on the road again. Finally, last night managed to secure a Hangout (YouTube Live) with Zara Altair and Michael Stricker on the latest Google Penguin algorithm update.
Not many people are talking about it. Everybody is waiting for someone to say something so they can criticise it. Be strong my friend. Be strong.

This reminds me of the time when Google released the AMP project (The Accelerated Mobile Pages Project). I was the only one talking about it. Many people were criticising me. Well, I made a lot of mistakes (wrong assumptions really). But then I was the one who introduced it to Daily Mail. Our visits went 14% up a day.

Early adopters are always winners.

It’s Friday and I’m gonna spend my time at a digital agency and they gonna teach me a little bit of PPC and Display Advertising.

You are never too old to learn something new.

Keep on bumping into people that think they know everything. Mate, I don’t care if you’ve been doing marketing for the last 20 or 30 years. The marketing of yesterday is not the digital marketing of today.
Let’s start talking about experience and not age.

Omi Sido - you are never too old to learn

Be strong my friend. Be strong.

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