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The Sunday Talk – Social Media is People

Your headline is the first impression to your content.
Make it count.

Sometimes people ask me. Hey Omi, how do you come with those clever thoughts of yours? Do you write them down? Do you remember everything that you say?
And I am like No. I don’t do any of this stuff.
Most of the time I would talk to people. They may come back to me and they may say ‘What did you mean by this or that?’ And then I’m gonna be like ‘If they think is clever, then it must t be clever.’
So I’m just gonna find an appropriate image, attach the quote and there you go. You’ve got your five minutes of fame.

Now an SEO joke. The British Army just called me. They’ve got problems with their rankings.

I am so happy. I’ve just preordered ‘Vlog Like A Boss‘ by Amy Schmittauer. People like me have been waiting for a book like this for a very very long time.

Don’t get me wrong as I don’t consider myself being a vloger. But I do believe that vlogging and video, in general, are the future of Social Media and the way people and businesses communicate ith their customers.

I know many of you are very skeptical when it comes to vlogging and people and companies documenting their life but let me tell you a secret. Look at your Facebook stream. You are already doing it. You are just using pictures instead of video.

Mark Preston just asked me on LinkedIn: What’s the measure of success?

I wanna make something very clear. Before start measuring success in your personal life or in business, we have to identify what success means to us personally. Not them. Us personally.
So then when we succeed we will know it.

I am just coming back from a small business meeting and I can’t stop but notice that big companies are still struggling to connect to their customers.
Firstly, you cannot connect to your customers on an emotional level if you don’t know them. This is very similar to meeting somebody on the bus for the first time. And I know that a lot of big companies have a lot of followers but I also know a lot of big companies are using this as a good excuse not to interact with their followers. The people who made the effort to connect to your business.

Last but not least a lot of big companies are governed by the so-called ‘old school’ marketers who are basically over-emphasizing the importance of the word ‘digital’.
Yes, Social Media is digital as it only exists in the Digital World but deep down inside in its core Social Media is people.

Stop talking to your customers like they are digital robots. Talk to them the same way you talk to your friends or your family.

What customers think about a company or its products is a key aspect of business success.

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