Twitter Now Supports Animated GIFs

Twitter Now Supports Animated GIFs

Twitter has finally introduced animated GIFs to their platform.

Hip hip hooray.
The short message social network is now a different place forbranding and advertising. While several other social networks introduced GIFs long time ago it took a while for Twitter to come on board. As usual in recent years Facebook is slow to acclimate to the new social reality – people and brands do like animated GIFs and they are here to stay.


What makes animated GIFs so popular?

Apart of the ease of creating and sharing them everything comes down to science. Our brain processes images much faster than text. Images are usually easily understood at a glance – we look and see long before we learn how to speak and read. On the other hand movements grab our attention. Instinctively we are attentive to all subjects moving around since the day we are born. Combining all that we have the winning formula: If a pictures is worth a thousand words than an animated GIF is worth a million. They say a lot and capture attention with very little content. In this fast moving word if you don’t grab your client’s attention within a few seconds, then you probably never will.

Tips: Use animated GIFs in your email campaigns. A recent study showed that emails with animated GIFs pulled 12% more revenue than their non-animated versions. Have a look at this Tiffany & Co email embracing all the novelty aspects of GIFs:

Tiffany & Co animated gif email

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