YouTube Videos and Return on Investment (ROI)

YouTube Videos and Return on Investment (ROI)

“The majority of companies are not using video in any way that provides any real ROI.  Just to clarify, simply knowing the number of people that clicked on your video is not a measurement of ROI.  It’s just a measurement of the number of people who clicked the button to watch video.  From that data, it isn’t clear how much of the video they watched.” – Jayson Duncan

Before sending you to this wonderful article on ‘Using YouTube for Lead Generation’ (, I’d like to give you some of my tips on the subject. Well more like things to look at when creating your next ‘video’ campaign.

Return on investment (ROI) is an important concept when considering the success of online video marketing activity.

YouTube Videos and Return on Investment (ROI)

For me the first step to this success is looking at the demographics.
It is all about getting views from the right people, not just people. When you are scripting and filming your video, you are always thinking about a specific audience so demographics dimensions will help you understand if you have succeeded in your intentions. It may even give you new ideas for business development.

The second step should be length of plays vs completed plays.
Look at your view count and you can rapidly learn about the true quality of your videos. Thousands of views account for nothing if viewers clicked away after watching only 10 seconds of your 2 minute video.

YouTube Analytics is a free tool to help you with:

1. Discover how audiences find your videos
2. See what captivates viewers
3. Understand watch sessions
4. Learn about your subscribers

Learn more about YouTube Analytics here:

Events in Google Analytics 4


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