The Sunday Talk – Marketing Business Summit 2018 – Milan

Marketing Business Summit 2018 - Milan

What do you do when the weather is so nice? Well, you go to the beach.

What an amazing view.

Durdle door

It’s Tuesday and I have to go to work after 3 days off. And then Alexa woke me up an hour earlier. What a life. But then I think this week gonna be great. Tomorrow I am going to the British Council where I’m gonna be talking about SEO and Digital Marketing. And then on Friday, I am going to another roundtable where I’m gonna be talking about well SEO and Digital Marketing. I think Churchill once said

‘You make a living by what we earn, but you make a life by what you give.’

SEO and Digital Marketing roundtable

Wednesday morning and I am on my way to the British Council to teach them some proper SEO. Basically, we gonna be talking SEO and Digital Marketing trends in the UK. Meanwhile what a lovely weather. Honestly, people, I wish I was actually going to the beach.

Two hours later…

Two hours later

Ok, it’s done now. I had an amazing time at the British Council. The conversation wen wild. We were talking about AMP, JSON-LD, artificial intelligence (AI) just name it. The thing is you are learning from me and I am learning from your questions.

Now that I am at home I’d like to say a big, massive ‘Thank you’ to Ann Hutchings for organising this meeting. I said it earlier today but I will say it again:

I love sharing my knowledge with others because they learn from me but I also learn from their questions.

So this morning I woke up I and so worried – Oh my God, am I gonna be able to give them enough value. Do they know more than me? Do I know more than them? Why do people invite me to these meetings? And then it hit me:

It’s not about how much I know, it’s about how much I care about their Digital Marketing problems and questions.

Marketing Business Summit – Milan 29-30 November 2018

Hi, guys. My name is Omi Sido. I am the senior technical SEO at Canon Europe and this November I will be speaking at the Marketing Business Summit in Milan. I will be talking about SEO and Machine Learning.

We all know that the machine learning revolution is affecting SEO and shaping the future of Digital Marketing so I’m gonna give you some insides and some tips on how to survive and how to succeed in a machine learning driven SEO environment. Guys, I know we gonna have a lot of fun so I hope to see you all there. Ciao.

Yes, yes I am going to Milan this Autumn and I will be talking about SEO and Machine Learning. Why do I talk so much about machine learning? Well, nobody wants to talk about it but at the same time, it affects us all not just in SEO and Digital Marketing but also in real life.

From Google Search to Google Maps to Netflix to Uber to PayPal. Well, Machine Learning is everywhere around us. With that in mind make sure that I am always around you so you can ask me the questions and I can give you the answers.

The Sunday Talk – Adapt or Die

Adapt Or Die

Interview with OnCrawl

New week, new online interview. In about 10 minutes I’m gonna be talking to Emma Labrador about my favourite SEO crawler called OnCrawl. Before you ask me I’m gonna tell you. OnCrawl is a very visual, data-driven SEO tool that can help you build your SEO strategy with confidence. Link in the description.

I used to be a front-end developer and used to build a lot of websites for big companies like for example Vecton Mobile. At the time you know we are talking about 6-7 years ago, even yeah 6-7 years ago there was nothing like Digital Marketing. So very quickly I realised that Internet would be, you know would be big one day and traditional marketing has to evolve. With that in mind at the time, I was building those websites I was, I literally wanted them to be first findable and second be profitable.

And as you know I am still talking a lot about SEO being part of Digital Marketing and not a separate entity.

Or the way I call it “rankings to revenue.”

So basically that’s me Omi Sido. I normally talk about technical SEO, rankings and revenue.

Emma: That’s a good start.

Yeah, I will try to be as serious as possible, ok?

Personal Branding

It's difficult to achieve success without hope and confidence.
It’s difficult to achieve success without hope and confidence – Omi Sido

Emma: And you really, how do you say, you really like to share best practices with the community.

Yes, I am always me. I am always Omi Sido. I am never, you know, I am not afraid to show my strengths and my weaknesses. Because people learn from me and I learn from them. Right? And don’t be afraid to be vulnerable basically. Because we all have weaknesses. Let’s be honest. This is why I said you have to really find your strengths, your weaknesses and you have to kind of make a, find a way to make them visible. When people see you as a human being online they like you.

Emma: That’s true.

Omi: Sounds very serious.

Emma: What are you doing in your free time when you are not doing SEO?

Teamwork in Digital Marketing

Teamwork in Digital Marketing
No individual can win the Digital Marketing game by himself – Omi Sido

I know I don’t talk a lot about it and it may seem online that I do everything on my own. But the truth is I am surrounded by a bunch of very good people. Teamwork is essential to success and growth. And I know there are a lot of people out there who think they can do it all on their own but the truth is they can’t.

Having a good team of individuals around you not only helps you to stay grounded but it also enables you to think in different ways.

Tuesday evening. Eight o’clock. A lot of my mates went to the pub to watch the game, you know, Real Madrid PSG. But me no no no no no no. I am collecting my new drill.

You know you are getting old when you are excited about a new drill.

What is RankBrain?

Somebody just asked me online “Omi, can you describe RankBrain in one sentence? Describing RankBrain in one sentence is not an easy job. On the other side, if you can’t describe something in one sentence you probably don’t know it well. With that in mind, my answer would be.

RanBrain: give your audience the best content and work your hardest to get them to stay on your page.

How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing

Today I wanna give a big, massive shout out to Liam Fallen. “I’ve just started my first Technical SEO role today. Aiming to have a career like you mate!”
Liam, your words mean a lot to me. It feels so unreal that somebody actually wants to be like me. I’ve started my Digital Marketing journey because of a guy named David Amerland. And I still remember all the advice he gave me in the beginning. So today I’m gonna give you my advice.

From today hard work, numbers and creativity should be your best friends. In fact, they should be your only friends.

The best travel mug

Guys, have you seen my new coffee mug from Bodum? Such a great idea. You just put some coffee, you pour some hot water, you screw the lid, you wait for 3 minutes and you press. Freshly brewed coffee anywhere in the world. Meanwhile, something that I’ve noticed this morning. Time in New York and no search results. Google, thank you very much. How shall we call this new feature? Voice search in the SERPs.

What’s Hot in Digital in 2018?

What’s Hot in Digital in 2018?

This was Apple big update last year in about the third quarter. But going all the way through to being able actually to update your sit on a flight. To have that capability in a messaging App when we think about messaging kind of in our heads is a little bit more as text originally. We go from texting into basically an App.
Yes, it’s messaging. Yes, you are talking to it but it’s doing all the things that you used to do in an App. And actually, this is just what WeChat did 3-4 years ago now. I mean it’s really we are copying WeChat where there were years ago. The other thing that Apple has launched…

All Toys R Us stores to close their doors

Unfortunately, this week the store that we all remember from our childhood Toys “R” Us decided to close all its stores across the UK and the USA forever.
I know a lot of people are mentioning a lot of reasons online for the collapse of the toy giant but let me tell you the real story. The real story is: Toys “R” Us never believed in the Internet.

  • First, in early 2000 they outsourced themselves to Amazon which literally forced everybody to start buying from Amazon rather than the Toys “R” Us network.
  • Second, the never really adapted to the new business online e-commerce reality.If Toys “R” Us the dominant niche retail leader in a multi-billion industry is dead what do you think it’s gonna happen with your business in the next 5 years?

Or in short “Adapt or Die.”

On a more happier note next week I am going to my favourite city Paris where I’m gonna be talking about Technical SEO. But you do come back here next Sunday cause you’ve got the problems and I’ve got the solutions.

The Sunday Talk – What is Intelligence?

What is Intelligence?

A lot of you are asking me on LinkedIn “Omi, what did you actually study?” And the answer is Chemistry. I even have a Master degree in Chemistry. But chemistry is not my passion.

When it comes to Digital Marketing I am self-taught. And it was very, very, very difficult. For many, many years I used to study during the night and work during the day.

But I am not here to give you one of those inspirational stories as like so many of you when I was a teenager I didn’t follow my passion.
So I struggled a lot later on in my life until I met this guy David Amerland who inspired me who gave me the permission to follow my passion.

SEO Bulgaria
With Teodora Petkova and Mr David Amerland

So today I am giving you the permission to follow your passion. But be smart. Passion alone won’t pay the bills. While studying Digital Marketing I had many jobs. No shame in it.
Am I ever gonna be rich following my passion? Probably not. But then I absolutely love my job.

I am just coming back from central London where I had coffee – lots of coffee – with Nick Doudy and a long chat about machine learning. So on my way back home, a question hit me in my face.

What is intelligence?

When you think about it in many ways unintelligent machines are already far smarter than we are but we don’t call the calculator on my mobile smart just because it can multiply massive numbers. We just say “it’s correct”.

Somehow we reserve the term ‘intelligence’ only for typical human capabilities like recognising a face or composing a symphony. But sooner or later we will teach the machines how to recognise a face or compose a symphony.

When it comes to intelligence why are we talking about knowledge and not emotions?

The question on intelligence is a strange one. Not just because it has been changing ever since we care to actually think about it. 100 years ago it would have been some kind of knowing some kind of language. Speaking some kind of language probably Greek and Latin.

These days mathematics and coding analytical skills and understanding but really these are not a true form of intelligence in a way that we can actually measure it in a general sense. So what is it really and it’s changing all the time. It’s morphing as we understand more about how to recreate aspects of intelligence in the artificial intelligence field.

So truly intelligence, when we think about it, is the ability of everything we know to interconnect and acquire meaning so basically it is what we know and how we know it and how that actually connects together.

It’s a contextual or it can be most of the time but it is more a sense of awareness of the impact of the things that which we know, the moment we know them, how we know them and what they actually affect in terms of the other things that we know and remember.

So it is interconnectedness.

Simple. Well, try recreating that and yeah it becomes quite hard.

Trust me, people, I am so excited. I am so pumped up. I’ve just received my first Voice Kit by Google and I can’t wait to build my first Google Home.
So let’s see what’s inside this box. And yes this is the first I’m gonna see the content of this box. Paper. We don’t need the paper. The actual body. And then various cables and things. Microphone stereo board. The voice hat, a speaker and a button. This is all you need to build your Google Home.

I believe a lot of you should start playing with these toys as Voice Search is the future of SEO. Some people may even say

Voice Search is the future of Digital Marketing.

It only took me only 5 min to assemble my first Voice recognition device. Unfortunately, installing the Raspberry Pi operating system takes hours so we gonna see this device in action next week.

Now talking about next week oh my god the word ‘busy’ is not enough to describe it.
On Monday I am going to one of the top Digital marketing agencies in England called Periscopix, where I’m gonna, have an all-day training on Google Big Data Query.

Wednesday I am going to Paris, France for the SEO European Night organised by OnCrawl where I’m gonna be talking about SEO and Machine Learning.

In the end of the week, all my family is going to Sofia, Bulgaria, Eastern Europe where we gonna be celebrating the birthday of my mother.

So a very busy week is ahead of me but you, yes you do come back here next Sunday cause you wanna see this device in action, you’ve got questions and issues in Digital marketing and I’ve got the solutions.

The Sunday Talk – Disrupt or Be Disrupted

The future of business: Disrupt or Be Disrupted

These days it doesn’t really matter if I filming in the morning or in the evening. I would leave my house early in the morning and I’d go back home late at night. So it’s always dark anyway. It feels like I am constantly working. But then I guess if you are persistent you gonna get it and if you are consistent you gonna keep it.

If you are persistent, you will get it. If you are consistent, you will keep it.
I just woke up and I am so tired. last night I stayed till 3 o’clock in the morning trying to migrate Fat Eyes, Gina Fiedel’s Fat Eyes website to https unsuccessfully. I guess I am like a Pitbull – once I bite I never let go.

So the wisdom for today is: In your career and especially in your Digital Marketing career you gonna have a lot of Ups and Downs. And you have to try and learn from your Ups and Downs as well.
Meanwhile, go and check Gina’s blog cause there is so much wisdom coming out from her articles.

I know I only do SEO for you Sam but hear me out. Instead of creating a new product create a movement. Instead of creating a new product create a different product. I honestly believe. Yes, I am in a quote mode. I honestly believe that

the future of business is: disrupt or be disrupted.

Yes, ignite the movement by creating an experience that people are drawn toward. Aim for this emotional connection.

Hi guys. It’s Friday. And as not everything in life is Digital marketing I wanna show you my favourite light dinner recipe so you can surprise your partner tonight. All you need is a piece of mozzarella, 2-3 slices of Parma ham, pesto, tomato and of course a bottle of nice wine.
Now that everything is done all you have to do is open this bottle of wine and enjoy your evening. Have a great weekend, guys.

This week I wanted to talk about persistence and working hard but coming back from a meeting there is one thing that came up again and again and again in our conversation: Disrupt or Be Disrupted.

The future of business: Disrupt or Be Disrupted.

In a few short years, much of what you build, sell, fix, advertise won’t mean much to anyone. In fact, there’s a pretty good chance that if you stay put doing whatever it is your company does right now – you’ll be out of business.

If you want to survive, let alone thrive, you must tap new trends and produce new ideas at an accelerating rate.

Machine learning and technology built on top of the Internet will continue to threaten the very fabric of what most business and jobs are set up to do today.

No one, absolutely no one was a social media manager or a drone operator only ten years ago. Nowadays there are 70,000 drone operators that make more money than most people who study medicine 10 years ago.

Is everything bad? No. not really. There is always a cure to the problem and it’s called innovation.
Innovation is a strategy that must be central to your day to day planning.

Coming back to the real world not much gonna change next week and I will still be around with my camera filming my thoughts and trying to help you understand the Digital marketing world.

So you, yes you do come back here next Sunday cause you’ve got the problems and I’ve got the solutions.

The Sunday Talk – SearchLove London Conference

SearchLove London Conference

I’ve never been at a conference on a Monday. But then I am so excited. My favourite Digital Marketing speaker Purna Virji is coming to town.

Jon Myers: Here at the bottom basically is the crossing point. In October 2016 we saw worldwide more mobile queries or usage queries than on a desktop computer. And obviously, at that point, they were just shy of obviously 51.5%. The number which I shared with you earlier on which is just a year on which is due today we are now at 60% which is 9% jump in favour of mobile.

Omi Sido with David Iwanow, Gerry White and Nick Wilsdon
Omi Sido with David Iwanow, Gerry White and Nick Wilsdon

Day two of the SearchLove conference. And what a day. Client meeting, client meeting, conference, client meeting. I’d be lucky if I come back home before 11 O’clock tonight.

Meanwhile yesterday Purna Virji, Jon Myers and Sam Noble literary smashed it. They gave us so many actionable insights.
Hopefully today Emily Grossman will smash it as well.

No pressure.

Omi Sido: Hi. My name is Omi Sido, I work for Canon Europe and I honestly cannot live without DeepCrawl.

David Iwanow: And where are you Omi?

Omi Sido: I am at the SearchLove conference and I am joined by this beautiful lady.

Alyssa Ordu: Alyssa from DeepCrawl.

David Iwanow: And where can we follow you on Twitter?

Alyssa Ordu: @DeepCrawl

David Iwanow: And omi?

Omi Sido: @omisido of course.

David Iwanow: Ciao.

Omi Sido: Or just google me.

True that. Emily Grossman really inspired me to start learning a little bit more about progressive web apps. The truth is Jon not many people are talking about them, in fact not many people even know what a progressive app is. Yes. At least not here in the UK.

The wisdom, the eye-opener from this talk was that there is a big difference between a native app and a progressive web app.
Yes, you can get access to the URLs and therefore they are indexable by search engines. Businesses can get crucial advantages from doing it. Yes, of course.

David Iwanow with Laura Crimmons and Samantha Noble
David Iwanow with Laura Crimmons and Samantha Noble

So let me summarise the SearchLove London conference.
Two days of presentations, 1-2-1 meetings, roundtables, and plenty of quality networking opportunities.

This was my first time at this conference and I absolutely loved it.

Distilled managed to curate a great list of speakers in order to organise this conference by marketers for marketers which aims to provide a mixture of practical, hands-on, expert advice, and inspirational case studies from top Digital marketers across the UK and the world.

Guys, this week I’ve received more than 20 emails asking me about machine learning and Python. And I am so excited that so many of you have taken the ‘learn something new’ every week challenge.

Keep up the good work.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to come back here next week cause you’ve got the problems and I’ve got the solutions.

The Sunday Talk – Bold Digital Marketing

Bold Digital Marketing

Hi guys! It’s Monday again and I know a lot of you are down. So let me ask you a question. Do lions complain about Monday? No. they don’t. They are up early, chasing, biting. Reminding everybody that they are lions.

Don’t just dream about success.

New Monday. New week. New opportunities.

Inspired by my own words last week I’ve decided to spend an hour this week studying a bit of coding…python to be more precise. Why python? Well, when it comes to machine learning and you know I love talking about machine learning in SEO.

Today I am here to talk about RankBrain. I hope very quickly it becomes very obvious that I am not actually talking about RankBrain but the way you have to adjust to the new reality in SEO called machine learning. So let’s start with the obvious. Last year Google or at least somebody from Google declared that RankBrain…

Python is probably the most popular language.
Meanwhile, let me show you my new socks. Boom. The Ted Rubin effect.

Last but not least the rise of video will make SEO marketers focus even more on visual content, but it will also force artists to create video with optimization in mind. In fact, it will probably give life to a new category of videographers who will specialize in SEO content, just as it happened with writers two-three years ago.

You should use every opportunity to remind your customers about your business or services.

Yes, even Friday the 13th. I know you are serious company but Friday the 13th and Halloween is probably your best chance to show the human side of your company. Yes, David Amerland is always talking about this one. The moment I get home I will email you all my ideas. Yes, and I will give you 13% discount.

Hi, my name is Omi Sido. I am not a robot, I am a human being so let me tell you something. Use every opportunity to remind your customers of your business.

Marketers around the world are facing a dilemma: they aren’t sure what’s working, they’re feeling underequipped to meet the challenges of digital, and they’re having a tough time keeping up with the pace of change in the industry. What’s worse, nobody hands you a playbook to show you how to make it all work.

But the opportunity for marketers is too great to let uncertainty slow you down.

If you are bold in your digital marketing efforts and investments if you are taking smart risks if you are educating all your teams to be ‘digital ready’ you are in a great position to capitalize on digital’s full promise in the future.

Guys next week I am going to the Search Love conference organised by Distilled where I’m gonna be meeting my favourite digital marketing speaker the amazing Purna Virji. But you do come back here next Sunday cause you’ve got the problems and I’ve got the solutions.

The Sunday Talk – Learn as if you were to live forever

Learn as if you were to live forever

Hi, guys. It’s Monday again and I am so pumped up as this week I am going to the Take It Offline roundtable in Brighton organised by Tom, Andy and Gerry White. Learning from the best is always a good practice especially so in the universe of Digital Marketing where everything changes at light speed.

Learning should be part of your company culture.

Customers nowadays are transforming faster than we are. So if we don’t catch up we gonna be in big, massive trouble.

Customers nowadays are transforming faster than we are. So if we don’t catch up we gonna be in big, massive trouble.

Learning from the best is always a good practice. Especially so in the universe of Digital Marketing, where everything changes at light speed.
Learning needs to be part of your culture. Consumers are transforming faster than we are, and if we don’t catch up, we’re in trouble.

Yes, Steven. I can educate your SEO executives but tell me are they involved in the strategic planning. Probably not.
I will tell you a secret now.
In many small companies, there is no formal manager training. People do well, they get promoted. So he knows Adwords, he gets to manage the digital marketing team and before you know it he is defining your SEO strategy, your Social media strategy. And this is actually a good example. I’m not even gonna mention the digital marketing director does not even come from digital.
Pro tip Steven.

Everybody in your organisation should know the basics of everything that is Digital Marketing.

Thursday morning. First I’m gonna go to work and then I’m gonna go to the Take It Offline roundtable in Brighton. I know it’s gonna be very very good so if you happened to be in Brighton or somewhere around Brighton come say hello.

Take It Offline

It’s one thirty in the morning and I just came back from the Take It Offline event in Brighton. I am super tired but I am also super excited as I’ve learnt so much this evening.

The main thing: Social Media advertising can be extremely effective for many businesses but getting it right is not always straightforward. I guess it all comes down to you have to try and fail, try and fail until you find yourself in the right place at the right moment for success.

Friday morning. Seve o’clock. I’ve probably slept for two hours but I’ve just remembered that I’d forgot to say something yesterday. Andy, Gerry, Tom you rock guys. Your event is getting better and better every single time. Now I’m gonna go and do my first Facebook campaign. Gerry, I’d probably experiment with your video.

One of the best things about life is that we never have to stop learning. There are always new skills to learn and new techniques for us to adopt. When you look at the most successful people in the world, they understand this. Big and successful companies like Facebook or Google are heavily investing into their own employees. Or the way I normally say it:

Without doing something beyond of what you’ve already mastered, you will never grow.

Guys, next week let’s all of us try and spend an hour learning something outside of our comfort zone. So if you are a developer learn a bit of SEO. If you are an SEO learn a little bit of PPC.
Meanwhile, don’t forget to come back here next Sunday cause you’ve got the problems and I’ve got the solutions.

Benchmark Search Conference 2017 | The power of storytelling

The power of storytelling with Bas van den Beld

Today, storytelling may seem like an old-fashioned tool – and it probably is. But this is exactly what makes it so powerful. Life happens in the narratives we tell one another. A story can go where quantitative analysis is denied admission: our hearts.


Who is Bas van den Beld?

Bas van den Beld is an award-winning consultant, trainer and professional speaker who has helped businesses worldwide adapt swiftly to the forever changing media landscape.

He is the founder of State of Digital, one of Europe’s largest online marketing and SEO learning platforms and has worked with big brands, like KLM and Viacom, to develop solid marketing strategies based on the innate understanding of the needs and behaviours of their customers.

Bas van den Beld and Omi Sido
Bas van den Beld and Omi Sido

What is the Benchmark Search Conference?

The one­-day event features world­-class speakers that cover all of the need­-to­-know search marketing topics to develop and advance your brand’s search engine presence, including:

Organic search (SEO) – how to achieve and maintain your brand’s ranking in natural search engine results and ensure your customers can easily find you.

Paid search (PPC) – driving targeted traffic to your website by showing ads in search engine results when people search for related keywords.

Social media – enhancing brand awareness and advocacy to support your search visibility; your social authority is increasingly considered by Google as a ranking factor.

Content marketing – how to be smart with your content campaigns to build trust and credibility by returning relevant answers to search queries, and earning quality backlinks.

Who’s behind Benchmark?

Located in North West England, Click Consult is a multi-award-winning search marketing agency with a focus on organic (SEO) and paid search (PPC). With over 70 professionals employed and a portfolio of over 60 clients from across the UK, Click Consult works with businesses looking for a measurable return from their search marketing budget.

Click Consult also provides a range of other services, including content marketing, inbound marketing and conversion rate optimisation (CRO), as well as international and multilingual search.

The company is Google AdWords and Microsoft adExcellence certified and is on the Recommended Agency Register.

The Sunday Talk – People like people who are having fun doing what they love

People like people who are having fun doing what they love.

Mondays are never easy for me. I have to keep on reminding myself that challenges are what make life interesting. And overcoming them is what makes meaningful. With that in mind, I want you to understand that anything is possible if you try.

I can’t believe it. Yesterday I was talking about working hard and believing and today I woke up and what do you know. The first thing I see Dawn Anderson graduating.

Dawn Anderson

She’s been waiting for 49 years to put the academic hat on her head.

Dawn Anderson, you are officially the most inspirational person of the year. Now I am going to the gym and I am feeling so pumped up that I think I’m gonna eat the weights.

T-shirt and a small quite looking flask. Guys, I absolutely love you. And I am not making it up. This morning I woke up and I was looking for my old flask as tomorrow I am going all the way to Leeds for the Take It Offline event and I couldn’t find it. And then I go to work and I find this little thing on my table. You absolutely made my day.


So I am ready to go to Leeds. Phone check. Camera obviously check. Cute little bottle – check.

I’ve just arrived in Leeds and I have to admit this city is gorgeous. This is my second time coming to this city in one month and I have to admit this is becoming one of my favourite spots in the UK.

Omi Sido in Leeds

Sitting here I am trying to capture the building behind me – I don’t know if you can see it – which is absolutely amazing.

One o’clock in the morning and finally I am home. My God, it was a long day but it was totally worth it. The Take It Offline roundtable was amazing. We talked about almost everything that is SEO.

Take It Offline Roundtable

One thing that got stacked in my head was Malcome Slade saying that we took the bad code from desktop and with the help of CSS we turned it into responsive. I know a lot of you are very sceptical but there is a necessity for AMP in this mobile age.

I can summarise this week in 4 main points. Let’s call them the formula for success.

Number one. Pay attention to everything that is happening in the world and especially digital as the digital world is moving fast. And it’s gonna get even faster with the wider adoption of Artificial Intelligence and Voice Search.

Number two. Work hard. I know you are a smart person so now is time to start working harder as your smart head is continuously finding good excuses.

Number three. Experiment a lot. Try different approaches and don’t get distracted if it doesn’t work the first time around. Experiment a lot until you find the one that works for you.

While I am at it number four.

Keep trying until you get lucky.

Guys, I can see that the weather is not that good today but I’ve got my training gear on so I’m gonna go and put my body to stress and my mind to rest. But you do come back here next Sunday cause you’ve got the problems and I’ve got the solutions.

The Sunday Talk – Marketing Experiments

Marketing Experiments

I love going to central London. The crowd is amazing. But have you noticed that no one bumps into anyone else? We are actually quite good at figuring our own path. We are actually quite good at being unique. If you are a one man band stop following them. The world doesn’t need another Casey Neistat or Mark Zuckerberg.

The world needs another you.

If you are a big business – your customers are unique. So why isn’t your web presence unique as well? Stop comparing yourself to everybody else and go out there and show your customers that your product is not just the best or the better one but the only one for them.

The goal for this week. Start experimenting with your digital marketing so you can differentiate yourself from the crowd.

Happy Monday everybody.

Today I am meeting Mark Preston – top SEO from Lancashire. There are so many people out there with so much SEO knowledge but there are no so many people out there who can actually teach SEO. Instead of giving you bullshit SEO theories Mark Preston will come to your company, he will analyse your website with your Digital Marketing team so the moment the training is finished your company will be set for success.

Guys, I’ve finally managed to meet Mark Preston top SEO from North England.

Mark Preston: Hello people. A real pleasure to meet this guy.

Sometimes the stupid guy will come to you and say ‘Work smarter not harder’. Can you see the irony? Are you telling me that I am stupid or I don’t work hard enough?

Yes, John. You have to consistently experiment with your page titles. My experiments have consistently proven that there is a significant difference between a page that uses a clever but incomplete thought as a headline and one that uses a value-infused headline.

The difference creates friction — enough friction to cause a gap in customers’ minds between value and cost. Listen no – in that momentary gap, instead of taking time to derive value from your headline, the customers clicks away from your offer…and lands onto the offer of your competitors.

Apparently, the mind can look after the body. The question is who’s gonna look after the mind?

Arianne Donoghue: In my roles, the focus has often been on search, in general, trying to get the best from both worlds organic and paid. In my current role at, we run lots of tests to establish whether or not running the two channels together drives incremental value. Are there times that we should turn off brand or bit more on search generic terms while rankings may not be so good. What can we do to bring the best overall value for the business? In my client side roles, sorry, agency roles where I’ve been in client services I’ve been responsible for overall strategy which also included SEO. And that drove the conversation we gonna come to in a moment. I also love technology…

Hi, guys. Let’s talk about HTTPS migrations and why we’ve decided here at Canon to migrate our websites to HTTPS.

Marketing experiments ensure that your branding, SEO, PPC or promotional messages are as effective as possible.

But before you get there you have to promise me one thing.

Always run marketing experiments with purpose.

To help you get started I’ve written down some questions to help you first track properly your marketing experiments but most of all you learn from them.

Marketing Experiments

What are you testing?

This is a very simple question that will help you store your experiments in a way so you can reference them back in the future.

What is your aim/purpose?

What do you aim to accomplish with your experiments? If you have no purpose, then you probably shouldn’t be running those tests in the first place.

What is your hypothesis?

What do you really expect to happen during a test? On the other side if you find that your hypothesis fails time and time again, consider going back to the drawing board and asking questions with your customers. Intuition can be learned.

How do you measure success?

We all know metrics are important. They help report progress and guide our decision making. Used properly, metrics can provide key insights into our businesses that make the difference between success and failure. I strongly suggest using sales as a benchmark for your business. After all, in the end of the day, the goal of every business is to make money!

Last but not least.

What results did you see?

What really happened during your experiments? What did you learn?

By running experiments and…and keeping track of the results, you will become a more effective digital marketer.

Guys, next week I will be speaking at the SEO Barcamp 2017 organised by BlueGlass and Adapt Worldwide but you do come back here next Sunday cause you’ve got the problems and I’ve got the solutions.