The future is ours. This is not the new normal.

The future is ours. This is not the new normal.

Will we ever be able to forget this craziness around us? Like a scar, over time we’ll learn to accept it, treasure it and who knows maybe even celebrate it as every experience is an opportunity to learn and grow.


This is not the new normal. It’s a short-term period of time (struggle, and unhappiness) that will come to an end. We will end it together.

We can do it together.
We can do it together.

Like so many times before if we continue to stick together, we will come through this crisis, too. If there is one thing we humans have definitely proved, throughout our history, it’s that we have an endless capacity to adapt, innovate, and invent.

When you think about it

  • With or without Coronavirus the world was going in direction ‘everything digital and everything online’.
  • With or without this virus more and more people will be working from home in the future.
  • With or without this awful disease a spike in labour-replacing automation and AI is inevitable.
  • With or without this crisis the world is embracing global solidarity…

Well, you may say that COVID-19 sped up the process a little bit but the process was already in motion anyway.


The media (and some attention-seeking influencers online) is telling you “Be scared. Be very, very scared. Coronavirus will change our lives forever’. For the worst. Not for the better.

As usual, the media wants you to stay scared. But you don’t have to give in. You don’t have to let it control you.

And again

  • With or without Coronavirus, the media has always wanted to control your life. Nothing new here.
  • With or without Coronavirus your government will always try to restrict your freedom. Nothing new here too.


Students will go back to their schools at the earliest possible moment: Most of them want to go. Their parents mostly want it even more strongly.
We will use planes to explore the globe and spend time with people in places far from our homes: There is no substitute for travelling and exploring the world.
We will go back to doing business with people in face-to-face meetings: Building personal relationships is essential to effective collaboration. Especially at the beginning of a project.

The past can’t be changed, but the future can.
The past can’t be changed, but the future can.

Sometimes, a small emotional scar will remain, while other wounds will disappear completely.

The past can’t be changed – we know that – but the future can, and it’s in our hands to live the future in a different way, without being controlled by those negative memories.

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