Developing a SEO friendly CMS from the Ground Up

Developing an SEO friendly CMS from the Ground Up

Choosing the right CMS for your business is not an easy job. Furthermore choosing (and implementing) the right CMS is only the beginning of an SEO and business journey that can pay dividends – or cost you a lot – down the road.

3 tips on Choosing the Right CMS

  1. Avoid heavy developer reliance. I wanna make it absolutely clear: your development speed should not dictate your business moves as from my experience this is always a recipe for disaster. Yout team should not spend time on managing the technology but rather the technology should enable your team to focus on implementing campaigns and strategies that increase web traffic and bring revenue. 
  2. Make sure your CMS is scalable enough to grow with your business. Your new CMS should be able to grow with you and support the functionality you see your business using in the future. Your CMS is a long-term investment, right? So start making a list of all the features your website will need today, then all the features your website may need in the future, then work on prioritizing them. Create a bucket for must-haves, should-haves, could-haves and would-haves. Then work with your digital marketing team to define what features or requirements you are comfortable launching today, and which will need to be incorporated into the near future. With the right understanding of where your company is today and where it’s headed, you’ll be in a better position to make the right CMS choice.
  3. Personalization and analytics. The future of SEO and Digital Marketing lies in building personalised, relevant experiences for your clients, no matter how and when they choose to interact with you. To do this, you gonna need a CMS that can collect and process interaction data in real-time, and help your digital marketers interpret that data to truly understand where your website visitors are in their buying journey. With that information, you can then show them content that’s personalized to their situation.

Bonus tip

Visualize and organize your website correctly

One of the first things you should do when you are implementing a new CMS is to bring all of your stakeholders into the same room and gather their input. This cross-functional collaboration will enable a shared view of the customer with all stakeholders and create opportunities for efficiencies, improved workflows and even cost reductions.

Who is Fabrizio Ballarini?

Fabrizio Ballarini is the Organic Growth and SEO lead at TransferWise, a British online money transfer service. 

Image by Aleyda Solis

Fabrizio’s mission at TransferWise is to acquire customers online at minimal cost by building products, platforms and content that educate and solve customer problems.


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