The main aim/purpose of marketing is to create a demand for your product

If a product is not selling well, there is a reason for that. Even if your #business created a product or service that solves a problem or opens an opportunity, sometimes, the market still doesn’t register that there is a problem in the first place.

So let me give you a simple advice here. Before you speak, listen.

To create demand you have to know who your potential customers are. Not their names or even emails. You have to know the questions they are asking. The needs they have. How they are recommending you products to peers. In a way what are they saying about direct competitors and how do they see your products compare to your competition.

Only by truly knowing your future prospects you can provide useful answers to their questions and incorporate the words from peers-telling-peers into such content. You need some attention grabbing here so to speak.


Once the attention is there keep your clients focused on your product. Show them not why you think your product is superior, but why what you have to offer is the best for them. Did you get this? It’s all about them, not you. And because you did complete step one you are only giving them things (more like words) they want to hear (smiling).

Magically entering people’s subconscious minds and commanding them to buy from YOU!

Now is the time enter the ‘demand funnel’. To design offers that really work we should look at them from the customer’s perspective.

Make offers that keep the dialog going – while taking your clients on a journey.

Your ‘demand funnel’ should include multiple customer touch points, from blogging, to email list creation, to social media promotions. And at no point of the journey your future prospects should be left alone (but always making them feeling like they are pulling the strings).

The victory of your demand generation stems from your ability to connect with target customers. All you need to get started is a point of reference. So listen carefully and you will find it.

PS. The wonderful quote in the beginning came from a HOA organised by Social Media Today and called “Keeping it Real” in a Social Media World (with Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales, David Amerland and special guest Vincent Messina) here:

Many good people said many good things in this HOA.

Some of the highlights of this amazingly educational show.

“The buyer doesn’t care how they get what they need, and how they are informed, as long as they are informed” – Vincent Messina

“would you not agree, inside marketing are two types of goals and one is to get sales (i.e. direct response)  and another is to communicate a message (i.e. branding)…” – Imran Sq

“About metrics on social. Sure, we’re getting better and better at understanding the signals we’re creating, and understanding them. But I still hold firm to a belief that more than all of that is going on between people.” – Gina Fiedel

“ Vin and David think entirely opposite… That’s why I’m friends with both” – Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales  LOL 🙂

“Tone, message are very difficult to manage in online/email and that’s one reason we need to stop guessing at “motive” when someone asks a question. Maybe, they just want an answer… maybe they have an ulterior motive… you can never know so just answer and see what happens next.” – Mark Vang. I’m gonna keep on coming to this message over and over. I know it cause it says a lot.

“…saying I don’t know is great and needed.” – Teodora Petkova

“Good marketing is sales. Good sales is marketing……No sale for income/revenue, no marketing.” – Danny Brown

“So much that happens on social is immeasurable. If we’re always overly focused on metrics, we lose sight of our humanity.” – Gina Fiedel. Go and check out this articles of hers and tell me are you not in love with her writing 🙂

“So, if everything is marketing, Is marketing everything?” by Tanya LumereCharles Payet gave quite an interesting answer to this question: “Everything is either Marketing or Practice.  Either they are marketing, practicing, or practicing their marketing”. I kinda agree.

“Keeping it Real” in a Social Media World –

Events in Google Analytics 4


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