Rich Content and Rankings

How Rich Content Affects Rankings and Conversions

“Rich content counts, creative copy engenders good ranking and there’s no gaming about it” – Peter HatherleySEO Services Christchurch 

Or how Hummingbird changed the Landscape of the Web Forever.

Why did Google launched Hummingbird in the first place?

Well, Google wants  to become an answer engine, answering users’ questions rather than providing a list of URLs. This update takes into account relations between words and makes greater use of the Knowledge Graph to provide content .

So I am sorry to say it but everybody is required to up his content writing game in order to produce quality content that aims to solve people’s problems and answer their questions. Yes think about the user first and then start thinking about your ranking ambitions.

A very important note to make here: Align your keywords (don’t forget that I am talking about long-tail keywords ) and content in a way that will best match how people talk and search for your business.
If you are in the bread making business don’t talk about politics.

Rich Content and Rankings

Relevancy and authority is the new name of the SEO game.

If not convinced read this article by David Amerland called How Visitors Get to Your Website.
In other words do not go into the habit of creating “Texts that just talk and talk and talk, and say nothing, or nearly nothing” (Teodora Petkova).

The content you create should be relevant, enjoyable and convenient, one that people will be motivated to share in their social media networks.

Recently saw on twitter: “Stories are a quick memorable  way to explain what you do, how you do it, for who, and why.”

Content.Content. Content. There’s no more gaming about it.

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