The Sunday Talk – Digital Marketing is Simple but it’s not Easy

The Sunday Talk – Digital Marketing is Simple, but it’s not Easy

I am having an amazing time here in Wales. If you’ve never been to this part of the UK I strongly recommend it.

What a view.

First Bath and then Bournemouth and then Pool. I think this is the one of the busiest Bank Holidays of my entire life.

Sadly the bank holiday is over and I have to go back to work. During this Bank Holiday, I went to the city of Bath and I can talk for hours about this amazing city. But for the purposes of our Sunday talk, I’m gonna talk about the people. Honestly, it felt like I landed on another planet. The people were so helpful. So kind. So real. And then it dawned on me.

To be successful on Social Media you have to be real.

It’s not enough anymore just to pretend that you understand your customers. People can spot the fake from miles away.

Wednesday and I can’t wait for tonight’s online webinar as I’m gonna be talking to the legendary, the legendary SEO Ammon Johns.
SEO Surgery with David Bain and Nikolay Stoyanov – top SEO from Bulgaria.

David Bain: But first of all let’s go back to Omi and in terms of the site that Omi is going to be sharing with us what I will do I will share my screen with you to show you the site wich is Mecum Auctions.

Omi: Recently I’ve been obsessed, literary obsessed with crawl budget. And to me you know a website having too many pages – actually I showed you that those pages got a lot of problems – means you are basically stopping the Google bot from crawling your let’s call them ‘good’ pages. The pages that will rally bring qualified traffic to your website.

Nikolay: Speed is really easy to fix it if you know where to look. Sometimes is really just a couple of tweaks and it can do miracles.

Chris Countey: Show them why it matters. Show them the story. So figure out a better way to communicate the things that we understand on the technical level and get them to care about it as much as they care about other things that they are doing offline.

Yes, today somebody asked me on Social Media what is my biggest worry when it comes to Digital Marketing. This question is very similar to yours James so I’m gonna be honest with you. I see so many companies going trough the so-called Digital Transformation’ but for a reason unknown to me they see ‘Digital’ as something non-human. They see ‘Digital’ as something not related to human behaviour.
James, it’s so easy to get lost in the Digital Marketing world full of meaningless numbers and fake theories.

To make my vision clear I’m gonna give you an example straight away.

Six months ago I asked one of my clients to drastically reduce the number of their web pages. The first response was like “Omi, but how am I gonna justify the lower number of visits?”
See the question was not how am I gonna justify the lower number of engagements, or the lower number of people buying from us. Somehow this client saw the number of organic visits as a good, reliable KPI.
As I said earlier:you can easily get lost in the world of meaningless numbers in Digital marketing.

You can easily get lost in the world of meaningless numbers in Digital marketing.

Thank God the client decided to follow my advice so they reduced the number of their pages with almost 60%. as you can imagine the number of organic visits sunk.
But six months down the line they sell more stuff than ever before.

What happened was that after the page number reduction the Google bot now is able to crawl and index the ‘good’ pages more often so more pages are present in the SERPs and in a better position.

On the other side, now the visitor is able to find the desired product much quicker – as all the clutter is removed, right – wich leads to more sales.

Better SERPs positions and more sales – double win.

Somehow on Thursday, I can talk to my clients for hours. On the other side, I know it was a short week but I can’t wait for Friday. I am super tired.

Guys, Digital marketing is simple, but it’s not easy. Many companies, many people those two terms are synonyms. They are not.

Easy is a minimum amount of effort to produce a result. Easy is no involvement and no investment.

On the other side, simple is the removal of everything except what matters.
To give you an example from my world would be: if I take out my phone and start making random pictures at a party – this is easy.
Simple is learning how to take a picture that tells a story.

Guys, next week let’s all of us try and do something simple that will increase the customer engagement in our businesses.
Meanwhile, don’t forget to come here next Sunday cause you’ve got the problems and I’ve got the solutions.

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