The Sunday Talk – The Joy of Being a Digital Marketer

The Sunday Talk – The Joy of Being a Digital Marketer

I’ve just come back from my holiday in Bulgaria and look around me. What a weather. How am I supposed to go to work in this weather?
On the other side now is the time to say. The brakes you take from work pay you back many times when you return because you come back with a fresher mind and newer thinking. Some of your best ideas come when you are on vacation.

Monday evening. Well more like Tuesday morning and my first day of work has just finished. being a digital marketer equals never a dull moment in your life. Befoe going to bed I wanna say something. Successful digital marketers harness what would be considered ‘stressed’ by others and convert it into kinetic energy. We learn to not simply survive but thrive on our challenges.
There you go. I said it. Good night.

Woke up this morning to the news that 25 people were killed in Manchester. What a sad day. One of the saddest days of my life. Woke up with an idea to make a video about the joy of being a digital marketer. Instead, I am looking at pictures of innocent young people killed for nothing. Mr Terrorist you thin you are the man but you are just a miserable piece of shit. Stupid coward.

It’s Thursday. I’ve just had sushi and I’ve got a confession to make. I hate the word ‘hustle’. I hate it mostly because it’s overused by marketers and personal brands who don’t actually embody ‘hustle’.
The word has lost significance in the echo chamber of self-help gurus and marketing ninjas. But I love ‘hustle the action’. It’s how we win at digital marketing.
We can’t outspend, we can’t out-network and in most cases, we can out-talent our competitors.
No matter how much money you spend, who you know and how smart you think you are eventually someone will come along with more money, more contacts and more brilliance.
But we can outwork them. It’s the workers, the doers that win at digital marketing. Anyone that tells you different is trying to sell you something that won’t work in the long game.

Sometimes I talk to people and they are like ‘Oh, I am a digital marketer but I am not active on Social media’. Correct me if I am wrong but I can’t think even of one formula one driver who doesn’t have a driving licence.
Social media is a trend that you can not ignore if yo wanna stay close to your customers and in synch with the latest developments in digital marketing.

This week felt a bit short. After the terrorist attack on Tuesday, I kind of lost my mojo. But don’t get me wrong I love my job. I love digital marketing.

I have a genuine interest in people and what triggers them to both buy and advocate for a brand.

To me, marketing is not about selling. To me, digital marketing is about cultivating an audience of passionate friends who both do business with and for you.

I also love making people smile. I will always try and find the craziest idea to prove my vision.

Once you’ve got a client’s trust and make them smile, doing business with them is the easy part.

Today I am going to the beautiful city of Bath. I know, I’ve never been there before. It’s strange.
But you do come back here next Sunday cause you’ve got the problems and I’ve got the solutions.

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