YouTube Videos and Return on Investment (ROI)

“The majority of companies are not using video in any way that provides any real ROI.  Just to clarify, simply knowing the number of people that clicked on your video is not a measurement of ROI.  It’s just a measurement of the number of people who clicked the button to watch video.  From that data, it isn’t […]

SEO Tip Of The Day – Tracking Email Opens With Google Analytics

If you have a Google Analytics account set up for your website, it can also be used to track the opens of an email. For Event Tracking you need to embed an image tag within the HTML of your email (GA’s javascript code do not work in email clients). Of course this image will be […]

Semantic Eyes

Long time ago a friend asked me what was the reason to be interested in semantics apart of the fact that I am a big fan of Google 🙂 He couldn’t be more wrong. My love for semantics has nothing to do with Google or my current job as an SEO. Everything started some years […]

The new version of Google Translate application

Today in their article called ‘Google Translate gets smarter with language detection, Word Lens‘, announced that Gooogle is updating their Google Translate by integrating  Word Lens, which instantaneously translates written text. Google surprises us every single day. What was probably a science fiction just a few years ago, today is not just reality but […]

Make Your Email Marketing Stand Out This Post-Holiday Season

Here comes the time of the year when all inboxes will be filled up with promotions, offers and coupons. In the months leading up to Christmas, most companies know pretty well how to talk and promote to their customers. But once January arrives even the the smartest of companies hit this email marketing vacuum where […]

2015 SEO Predictions

Semantic Search is changing SEO forever. It’s all about optimising your content and everything you do online for your customers rather than just Google, and this is a radical shift in thinking. SEO 2015 Workout: How To Gain Weight from SEMrush Google wants us to be more human. Words like trust, authority, personality are fashionable […]

Hashtagging gone wrong. How Not to Do It

A hashtag can be detrimental in the wrong hands. Thanks to the rise of social media, particularly Twitter, the hashtag has become an important linguistic shortcut. Hashtags connect your content with other people talking about the same thing or looking for information about something. This can potentially extend your brand content past your own audience. […]

When Obama & +Barry Schwartz Became King Of The United States For The Day

Conversation with David Amerland and Peter Hatherley “Why would Google show this answer when it is clearly wrong? Is it an Easter Egg? I strongly doubt it. But it does look to be a case where Google got it wrong when it comes to getting answers from third party sources.” – Barry Schwartz Peter Hatherley: Still semantically relevant […]