Do you need to use “Gratitude” to be successful in business?

“Is there such a thing as too much Gratitude?”. I believe somebody said before: “Gratitude is a currency that we can mint for ourselves, and spend without fear of bankruptcy.” As I am constantly working with small business I am persistently reminding them that gratitude is a tool that we have at our disposal and […]

The Social Profile Links in the Google Knowledge Graph

Conversation with David Amerland, Aaron Bradley, Teodora Petkova and Eric Enge. Aaron Bradley: Interesting example of harvesting entity-specific information from diverse data sources. Google+ lists only his Google+ Page and website URLs. The verified website – – list ../OFA (“Organizing for Action”) accounts for Facebook and Twitter rather than the listed personal accounts. Freebase shakes out like this: […]

Topic Modeling & Semantic Connectivity

Topic Modeling & Semantic Connectivity By Rand Fishkin . Notice when he says “use your own mental intelligence to say, Are these terms and phrases relevant? Should they be included? Are these things that people would be looking for? Are they topically relevant?”. So true – “use your own mental intelligence”. For a long time I […]

Mobile Usability Feature in Webmaster Tools (or the new mobile reality)

Going mobile is not a wishful thinking anymore and everybody who does not optimize for mobile will suffer next year. A bold statement I have made recently in front of an audience that had seen their site traffic patterns leaping from 2% to 25% mobile just in the last 6 months of 2014. Why was […]

The Master Formula to Grow Your Following on Any Social Network

Hangout on Air organised by Stone Temple Consulting  and special guest Rebekah Radice. The best parts: Some basic principles for growing your social following are the same across networks. Understanding what these are, and then understanding the differences between each one can make things go much faster for you. +Ben Fisher It is always a gamble to get heavily invested […]

Social Media Dashboard (or how do you measure success?)

Analyzing your data in Google Analytics shouldn’t be a daunting job for marketers and website owners. Dashboards are exactly what you need to easily review, important data and show either your boss or your customers automatically generated reports that are not just full of useful numbers, but as usual for Google Analytics very visual. If […]

Google updates Tag Manager with new set of tools

Yesterday Google launched a new set of tools for their Tag Manager. According to Google the new attributes will make the Tag Manager more powerful and accessible allowing marketers to streamline existing workflows. Some of the new features: New Google Tag Manager API. “Sometimes you just want things your own way. We understand!”. Once again […]