Interview with Samar Mustafa – The Founder of TeamStack

Interview with Samar Mustafa – The Founder of TeamStack

Interview with Samar Mustafa – The Founder of TeamStack

Hi, guys. What’s up? And welcome to the Omi Show again.

As CEOs or developers or digital marketers we all we always need a helping hand. Welcome to Team Stack. A community where developers and digital marketers can build their on-demand teams.

Today I am joined by Mr. Samara Mustafa the founder of TeamStack.

Samar: Hi, Omi.

Omi: Welcome to the show. Please introduce yourself.

Samar: Hi, guys. My name is Samara Mustafa. I am the founder of TeamStack.

Omi: So Samar tell us why do we need Teamstack?

Samar: Very good question. What we’re trying to do is, we try to simplify the crowded freelance marketplace. Not for freelancers only but also for the companies as well. Or for startups as well who are looking for a developer or designer for their startup’s work.
So are trying to create an invite only community where startups or companies or freelancers can join free and then they can pick – you know – different experts from the same platform.

The idea is we are trying to keep everybody together. The whole process is quite simple. We just want people to come and join and not just join but also try to secure the projects as well. So a team can secure a project but also somebody can hire you as well directly from the platform.

Omi: Ok so now that we know why we need TeamStack tell us how does it work?

Samar: Oh well, it is quite simple just three steps.

I think we need is we going to start obviously launching our beta version which we actually pre-selected about 200 users already. So what the mean is they come online and actually show their interest – signup with us and simply completing their usual expert profile.

If they are a developer, they just create their profile for a developer, where they worked and what their expertise are etc. After they complete the signup process, simply they can start finding the experts within the same environment.
Means I set up my profile now I need two developers for my next project. So I will just find and collaborate with different experts. That means I am starting to create my own teams.

That means a developer can hire two designers and one social media expert and one project manager so they become kind of a team.

In a way, a freelancer is holding a team. Means they can start their own team and secure any project. And not just that, a freelancer can be hired by other teams as well.

Omi: Interesting. What digital service can an expert offer on Teamstack?

Samar: Pretty much exactly the same as the other freelance market work or agencies work. For example, let’s take an example from the startup point of view. Startup wanted to build a platform for their service or for a product and they are looking for five full-stack developers.

Full-stack developers are easy to find if you go out and speak to people or different hiring platforms. So if they are registered then a full-stack developer can offer -you know – all the skills and all the services they usually do. The experts could be a designer offering their design service. So imagine we have a team of four people – one designer, a developer and a project manager and a full stack developer. Now every team member – every expert basically can contribute to a project or into a team so it all depends on why you building a team and why the project requires these many people in your team.
So every expert will provide their service depends on their skill sets basically.

Omi: Ok I get it. Interesting. So the next question then would be how many members do you need to qualify as a team?

Samar: Yea, Ok. this is where….

Omi: Pay attention to this one, guys!

Samar: This is where we are very very kind of strict about it because we don’t want a freelance to come and create their team with a single person because it is not a team. Because we then not differentiating ourselves with other freelance crowded marketplaces. So what we asking is: if you want to create a team so join as a person – as an individual but if you like to create a team – you have at least two people. So it means you can hire or you can request a different designer or a developer or any expert to join you. That mean now you have two people and now you qualified as a team. And then you start promoting your team.

Omi: So literally two people?

Samar: Yes, literally two people.

Omi: Perfect.

Samar: Go and find one.

Omi: Go and find one. Yes, this is exactly what I am gonna do today.

Omi: Why can I not use other freelance marketplaces to find paid projects?

Samar: Yea, again, we are not replacing definitely the freelance marketplace. What we trying to do is, you actually join a marketplace – a freelance marketplace as an individual – what’s next for you?
The next step would be – why don’t you create your own team. So means, you’ve been working on your own projects for like say 5 year – 10 years whatever your experience as a freelancer or contractor or as a service provider. Now if you wanted to – from a freelance point of view – if you wanna have a team or experts that you wanted to have for your next project then you don’t need to go out and search any other marketplaces, you can just have everybody in your Teamstack platform.

If you see from the company side, company perspective – companies basically looking for different – you know – freelancer from the different platforms etc. But if they say from agency side if they are lacking social media experts. A client comes to them and they say – well we need a social media expert and they don’t have it. So in order to extend their services in the social media marketplace, they can come to Teamstack, create their profile and hire four or five social media experts and create their own social media team.

Now, this becomes their remote team. Extend team. So it means they have extended their services now. So any agency can extend their services by hiring same skills experts – different skills experts to expand their services and expand their resources.

Omi: Guys, I am loving this newly formed community. Samar thank you very much for coming today. To the Omi show. Bye, guys.

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