The Sunday Talk - Collaboration

The Sunday Talk – Collaboration

What a day! My car and my bike keyword at the same time.
So I can’t go to work. Not the worst thing in the world really.
But then I don’t have any coffee at home. So I have to run to the nearest shop. Run, Forrest, Run!

Now that the coffee is brewing I am thinking. You can’t expect every marketing campaign to work well for you. Digital marketing and especially content marketing is very much a long-term game.
Don’t be distracted by short-term losses as your ultimate goal is not to win every single battle but to win the overall war for customer attention online.

A day without coffee! What a waste of time.

Yes, Digital marketing is not a funky word anymore. Digital marketing is a necessity. The keyword research I was talking about earlier. I don’t want you to do keyword research so you can stuff your pages with words that gonna annoy your visitors. I want you to do keyword research so you can truly understand your customers.
Also, I want you to do keyword research so you can understand your competitors as well. because let’s be honest the more you know about your competitors, the more you know about your own business.

Omi: So Samar tell us what is TeamStack?

Samar: TeamStack a free online community of digital experts where you can create your own team but you can also join a team as well.

Omi: Guys, this is the future. Collaboration.

It’s Friday and this week is coming to an end. So time for some wisdom. Analytics is knowledge. And as we all know knowledge is power. I keep on using the tool Gerry White showed me last week – the Google Data Studio. And I can confirm that for quick and visual – I will repeat visual reporting – this is by far the best tool out there.

Knowledge is power!

The other day I was listening to a podcast with Steven van Vessum – the co-founder of Content King – and I honestly felt in love with his description of what SEO is. SEO The Continuous Process.
So let me give you my thoughts on the subject as this subject is so close to my current understanding of what SEO/Digital Marketing is.

For a start let me tweak the wording a little bit: The continuously evolving SEO. What do I mean by that?
Instead of giving you a definition let me give you two examples: Content and Technical SEO.

A few years ago Google started talking about mobile, mobile optimization and a lot fo you answered the call – started producing mobile pages, started optimizing them and Google was in love with you.
But today there is a new kid on the block called AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages. A lot of you are rebelling. A lot of you are arguing about it online but while a lot of you are thinking about it others are seeing their visit numbers going up. You don’t dictate the SERPs. Google does.
The SERPs are always right (or at least they are hardly ever wrong)… and not your ego.

Not a long time ago Google and YOUR customers used were in love with blog articles. But nowadays as more and more content is consumed trough different mobile devices Google and YOUR customers are naturally directing their attention to video. It’s just easier consuming content on a mobile device trough video and not reading a blog article.
Again I am not saying stop writing articles. I am just asking you to evolve.

So if you are an SEO my advice is. Move on.
Don’t fall in love with an idea. Collaborate with Google so the search giant can better understand your website. Collaborate with other departments in your organization so they can finally understand what SEO is and finally start giving you a helping hand.
Collaborate with your customers online so they can better understand your company.

Guys, come back here next Sunday. You’ve got the problems I’ve got the solutions.

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