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Content Marketing on a Gargantuan Scale

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a digital marketing strategy in which businesses create honest, transparent, and educational content on a consistent basis for an ideal buyer persona.
Another way to describe what content marketing is: content that gets your brand noticed online, helping to engage with your core audiences and deliver the results you want, whether it’s social shares, sales or increased brand exposure.

Content marketing positions your business to perform more strongly online, qualify sales-ready leads and amplify the metrics that matter most to your bottom line.

So what can you expect when committing to content?

The latest trends show increased sales, shorter sales cycles, stronger customer loyalty and greater cost efficiency.

In this talk – at Benchmark Search & Digital Conference – Dane Brookes, Head of Digital at Liverpool ONE discusses how Liverpool ONE’s recent content marketing campaign increased footfall, first-time visitors and overall sales.


Who’s behind Benchmark SEO Conference?

Located in North West England, Click Consult – – is a multi-award-winning search marketing agency with a focus on organic (SEO) and paid search (PPC). With over 70 professionals employed and a portfolio of over 60 clients from across the UK, Click Consult works with businesses looking for a measurable return from their search marketing budget.

By Omi Sido

Omi Sido is an SEO and Web Development professional with 6 years of experience in both web and traditional advertising, promotions, events, and campaigns. He has worked on integrated campaigns for major clients such as Vectone Mobile, Delight Mobile and The Global Real Estate Institute.

Currently, Omi Sido is Senior Technical SEO at Canon Europe.

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