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  • Publishing Velocity and SEO

    Publishing Velocity and SEO

    What is Content Velocity?  Content velocity is the rate at which pages are created and published. The more original content you publish, the more likely your page will be seen as relevant by search engines.  Content velocity is based on the number of new pages that are published over a period of time. This metric […]

  • A Technical Solution To Content Duplication

    A Technical Solution To Content Duplication

    What is duplicate content? The so-called ‘duplicate content’ is a very popular term in the field of SEO (search engine optimization) used to describe content that appears on more than one web page on the same or different websites.  It can harm your rankings and many SEOs believe that extensive amounts of it can even…

  • Entity SEO

    Entity SEO

    Understanding Entities For SEO I’m gonna be honest with you: entities are a bit of an enigma even to the seasoned SEO. Although they’re rarely discussed they’ve been around for years and have had a massive impact on many aspects of SEO. I guess part of the reason that digital marketers don’t talk about entities…

  • Content Marketing on a Gargantuan Scale

    Content Marketing on a Gargantuan Scale

    What is content marketing? Content marketing is a digital marketing strategy in which businesses create honest, transparent, and educational content on a consistent basis for an ideal buyer persona. Another way to describe what content marketing is: content that gets your brand noticed online, helping to engage with your core audiences and deliver the results…

  • The Sunday Talk – Content Marketing

    The Sunday Talk – Content Marketing

    I am cleaning my car and I am thinking: We never talk about old content clean up. Can old content hurt our SEO?Yes, it can. And I would give you an example. We all have some leftovers in containers somewhere in the back of our fridge. And those containers may get our attention one day…

  • How Rich Content Affects Rankings and Conversions

    How Rich Content Affects Rankings and Conversions

    “Rich content counts, creative copy engenders good ranking and there’s no gaming about it” – Peter Hatherley – goo.gl/Tgifzs Or how Hummingbird changed the Landscape of the Web Forever. Why did Google launched Hummingbird in the first place? Well, Google wants  to become an answer engine, answering users’ questions rather than providing a list of URLs. This update takes…

  • Lead Generation Strategy Tips

    Lead Generation Strategy Tips

    “Your audience no longer wants their attention bought – they want it earned” SEO tip of the day (via +Tara Jacobsen) To be successful in your Lead Generation Strategy you have you have to understand that “It All Starts with Content”.Content is the foundation, the base on which you can start building your marketing leads. Whether…