The Sunday Talk – No hard work, no results

The Sunday Talk - No hard work, no results

Whether you like it or you don’t Mondays are part of our life.
So instead of moaning about them let’s change the way we think about Mondays.
Whatever you are trying to tell me I know that after the weekend you are full of energy.
So why don’t you go and crush it today so you don’t have to do anything for the rest of the week.
Wouldn’t you want to work only one day a week?

Just coming back from work and I had a conversation today with a young person. And there is one thing that really amazes me – their confidence. Don’t get me wrong – I am all about confidence. But just because you know how to operate a mobile phone doesn’t make you an IT expert. Or just because you know how to drive a car on the Play Station doesn’t make you Lewis Hamilton.
If you want to achieve your goals in life you have to work hard. Don’t rely on the fact that everybody says ‘Millennials are clever. Millennials are smarter.’

You are not everybody. You are you.

I am just coming back from a meeting with a very difficult client so I have to spill my toughs on to you. SEO as a part of a properly crafted Digital marketing strategy is simple.

It’s not easy but it’s simple.

And if you managed to do the simple things you can be very successful online. The reason you are not successful online is because you are always looking for the most complicated way of doing things. You are always looking for the next Google algorithm, for the next Google update. You are always looking for the Secret. You are always looking for the thing that we know and you don’t. And I am telling you now – that thing doesn’t exist. The thing that you have to do is go out there and do it. Work hard and do it.

Doing it. That is the secret.

Richard, you can’t control Google or Twitter or Facebook. But you can control your content – the quality and the frequency. You can control the way you talk to your customers online. So it’s about time – no offence – people stop blaming Google or the other social media platforms for their digital marketing not working as expected.
Google and the rest of the gang have been working hard for years so they are now in control of their game.
What you have to do Richard – I mean not you, your company – is to concentrate on your stuff. So by working hard – more and better content every single day, optimising your websites and campaigns, improving the way you interact with your customers online you can be in control of your game.

Just had a chat with a customer online. Not sure this camera managed to record everything. People keep on blaming Google because they are not good at SEO. Come on people. SEO is si pure. SEO is so straight forward. All Google wants to do is make their search engine deliver what people are looking for.
Those people are their customers. And they are just trying to improve their customer’s experience.
All you have to do is serve your customers and deliver value.

This week I’ve given you some unseen footage so you can see that not everything out there is pink. So many of you are emailing me – thank you very much, guys – telling me that I inspire you. But my job really is not to inspire you as I am not a motivational speaker. My job, my desire is to make you go out there and do it. So many of you are doing digital marketing only because it’s fashionable and not because you see its true value. This has to stop. Mobile sales are growing trough the roof every single day. More people are visiting your website than your physical store. In a way, you don’t have a choice – digital marketing is the future of business.

This has to stop. Mobile sales are growing trough the roof every single day. More people are visiting your website than your physical store. In a way, you don’t have a choice – digital marketing is the future of business.

Mobile sales are growing trough the roof every single day. More people are visiting your website than your physical store. In a way, you don’t have a choice – digital marketing is the future of business.

By now you are probably thinking ‘Omi, why is is so sunny, why is so green around you. Like many of you know this week, I am visiting the country of Bulgaria but you do come back here next Sunday cause you’ve got the problems and I’ve got the solutions.

Traffic is useless unless those visitors become customers

Traffic is useless unless those visitors become customers

Recently I have said something online that caused a bit of controversy.

“Traffic is useless unless those visitors become customers.”

Although I wasn’t talking specifically about ‘money exchange’ I am starting to think that even experienced digital marketers have started developing ‘tunnel vision’ blinded by clever online articles or viral memes. I will repeat again so it’s clearly understood that I wasn’t really talking about ‘money exchange’ and it that matter the word ‘customers’ is probably not the most descriptive one, but I’d like to ask everybody who says conversion rate is not important a simple question:

What business can survive without income?

Heard it so many times “Omi, my site is highly optimised for the search engines and my rankings are great. I don’t understand why no one is buying.”
I will tell you why. Because your SEO (agency or digital marketing guru) like so many SEO’s out there is focusing on ranking your website high thus reporting (blinding you) the good numbers in the end of the month.
So many people nowadays think that SEO is pointless or a black magic. So many businesses don’t even have an SEO strategy because they feel like they are wasting their money.

And the sad truth is so many of them do.

Don’t get me wrong – they are not stupid. Many of them don’t know the true meaning of ‘digital marketing’ and us SEOs want to keep it that way. Bringing visitors is so much easier that making money online, trust me on this one. In fact, so many people that know nothing about SEO or digital marketing are making so much more money than the self-proclaimed ‘digital marketers’. I don’t have to give you examples – you know them.

The idea that once you have web traffic the rest would take care of itself is true only in the SEO world.

But don’t get me wrong. I am a huge fan of measuring website traffic and working to increase it. I measure and report traffic every single day. But I will be the first to tell you that you should start looking beyond traffic. Measuring subscribers and downloads is a good thing to do, but you should know why. Are downloads the end goal of your business (what business are you in? I wanna work for you.)? Can you pay your bills win ‘referrals’? Didn’t think so.

The talk about potential benefits in the future like referrals and downloads is good, but there is one problem. It can’t continue forever unless you earn enough to sustain your business. Don’t be scared (be stupid) to talk about SEO and money. SEO (and CRO) is a part of the big picture called ‘success’. You need traffic and you need sales. In other words, you need to be an integral part of your business and not something that looks alien to your business partners or superiors.

Let’s see what Bruce Clay thinks about it:

“Conversion optimisation and SEO are two pillars of an overall marketing strategy. Without conversions, there is only traffic, which is no bottom line at all.”

So let me tell you a secret. Conversion optimisation and SEO are not that different. They can and they should work together. Let me give you some examples:
Single product pages. Who thinks that single product pages are not good for search engine optimisation? Single product pages optimised for a specific search term. But did you know that single product pages also vastly increase conversion rate too?

Create unique product descriptions. One of the biggest mistakes eCommerce websites make is using manufacturers’ product descriptions. First search engines may see this as duplicate content, but not indexing this content is probably the biggest worry. Product descriptions are your single opportunity to write distinctive copy in order to entice visitors to buy your products.The best way to differentiate your store from the various copycats out there. Specific product descriptions will also bring more traffic to your website. I can call it SEO and conversion synergy.

Why Is Understanding Your Target Audience So Important?

Know your target audience in order to bring ‘qualified’ traffic to your pages. Keyword research is still one of the most important pieces of the SEO puzzle. Choose the ‘wrong’ keywords and you get low-quality traffic and weak sales. Choosing the right keywords can help you attracting highly qualified consumers and achieving huge sales numbers. Tip: Aim for long-tail keywords – search phrases that contain two or more words. Consumers who search using a long-tail keyword typically know exactly what they’re looking to purchase, so a product page optimised for this has a higher likelihood of attracting and converting a customer who’s ready to buy.
Last but not least unique, gripping and enthralling content. When it comes to SEO content gives you links and traffic. When it comes to conversion optimisation it wins you customers.


Understanding how your SEO strategy connects to real-world business can give you the opportunity to gain more support and investment within your company. SEO is not a separate subject, but an integral part of the overall digital marketing world. Don’t alienate your SEO department by not talking about conversions and revenue. We all do what we do because we love it, but bills are paid with real money. Your business pay you salary so you should be actively supporting and improving the ‘money making’ process.