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The Sunday Talk – Marketing Experiments

I love going to central London. The crowd is amazing. But have you noticed that no one bumps into anyone else? We are actually quite good at figuring our own path. We are actually quite good at being unique. If you are a one man band stop following them. The world doesn’t need another Casey Neistat or Mark Zuckerberg.

The world needs another you.

If you are a big business – your customers are unique. So why isn’t your web presence unique as well? Stop comparing yourself to everybody else and go out there and show your customers that your product is not just the best or the better one but the only one for them.

The goal for this week. Start experimenting with your digital marketing so you can differentiate yourself from the crowd.

Happy Monday everybody.

Today I am meeting Mark Preston – top SEO from Lancashire. There are so many people out there with so much SEO knowledge but there are no so many people out there who can actually teach SEO. Instead of giving you bullshit SEO theories Mark Preston will come to your company, he will analyse your website with your Digital Marketing team so the moment the training is finished your company will be set for success.

Guys, I’ve finally managed to meet Mark Preston top SEO from North England.

Mark Preston: Hello people. A real pleasure to meet this guy.

Sometimes the stupid guy will come to you and say ‘Work smarter not harder’. Can you see the irony? Are you telling me that I am stupid or I don’t work hard enough?

Yes, John. You have to consistently experiment with your page titles. My experiments have consistently proven that there is a significant difference between a page that uses a clever but incomplete thought as a headline and one that uses a value-infused headline.

The difference creates friction — enough friction to cause a gap in customers’ minds between value and cost. Listen no – in that momentary gap, instead of taking time to derive value from your headline, the customers clicks away from your offer…and lands onto the offer of your competitors.

Apparently, the mind can look after the body. The question is who’s gonna look after the mind?

Arianne Donoghue: In my roles, the focus has often been on search, in general, trying to get the best from both worlds organic and paid. In my current role at, we run lots of tests to establish whether or not running the two channels together drives incremental value. Are there times that we should turn off brand or bit more on search generic terms while rankings may not be so good. What can we do to bring the best overall value for the business? In my client side roles, sorry, agency roles where I’ve been in client services I’ve been responsible for overall strategy which also included SEO. And that drove the conversation we gonna come to in a moment. I also love technology…

Hi, guys. Let’s talk about HTTPS migrations and why we’ve decided here at Canon to migrate our websites to HTTPS.

Marketing experiments ensure that your branding, SEO, PPC or promotional messages are as effective as possible.

But before you get there you have to promise me one thing.

Always run marketing experiments with purpose.

To help you get started I’ve written down some questions to help you first track properly your marketing experiments but most of all you learn from them.

Marketing Experiments

What are you testing?

This is a very simple question that will help you store your experiments in a way so you can reference them back in the future.

What is your aim/purpose?

What do you aim to accomplish with your experiments? If you have no purpose, then you probably shouldn’t be running those tests in the first place.

What is your hypothesis?

What do you really expect to happen during a test? On the other side if you find that your hypothesis fails time and time again, consider going back to the drawing board and asking questions with your customers. Intuition can be learned.

How do you measure success?

We all know metrics are important. They help report progress and guide our decision making. Used properly, metrics can provide key insights into our businesses that make the difference between success and failure. I strongly suggest using sales as a benchmark for your business. After all, in the end of the day, the goal of every business is to make money!

Last but not least.

What results did you see?

What really happened during your experiments? What did you learn?

By running experiments and…and keeping track of the results, you will become a more effective digital marketer.

Guys, next week I will be speaking at the SEO Barcamp 2017 organised by BlueGlass and Adapt Worldwide but you do come back here next Sunday cause you’ve got the problems and I’ve got the solutions.

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