Must see speakers at BrightonSEO

Who are your two must see speakers at BrightonSEO?

The other day Gerry White asked me to about my two ‘must see’ speakers at the forthcoming BrightonSEO conference.

Now, choosing two out of twenty carefully selected by Kelvin Newman top SEO/ Digital Marketing speakers is not an easy job.

But to answer the question I would go with Aleyda Solis and Bill Slawski.

Now when it comes to Bill Slawski I believe that I’ve been reading his blog since the very beginning of my SEO career. I’ve learnt so much from Bill Slawski that I can easily call him my SEO father.

The main wisdom coming from his blog is that you really have to try and understand the basics before attempting to understand the complexity of what Google the search engine is.

When it comes to Aleyda Solis she is one of those speakers that I am always looking forward to because she is always talking about the hottest trend, the hottest subject in SEO. She is one of those speakers that induce a desire in me to learn more. To know everything about a given subject. Curiosity.

Who are your two ‘must see’ speakers at the forthcoming BrightonSEO?

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