My top 3 BrightonSEO tips

My top 3 BrightonSEO tips

One more time BrightonSEO is upon us. Top Digital Marketers from all over the world are coming our way. Now is the time to network. Saying that let me give you my top three BrightonSEO tips that came up in a conversation with Gerry White (Take It Offline).

Before the conference research, research, research. Research, follow and engage with every single BrightonSEO speaker you wanna talk to on Friday. Know what they are interested in but most of all study their subject. There is nothing easier than approaching a speaker/influencer knowing and talking about their subject.

During the conference follow the BrightonSEO Twitter hashtag and retweet everybody who is using it. DM the people you really want to talk to asking them for a quick chat, or a quick coffee or maybe joining them for lunch.

After the conference, go back to all your retweets and follow everybody who was using the #BrightonSEO Twitter hashtag. Engage with them, discuss BrightonSEO topics. Chances are next year when you come back to BrightonSEO all those people gonna know your name and gonna talk to you like a friend.

Last but not least if you see me at the conference don’t be shy. Come say Hi. Ask the questions. You know me. You’ve got the problems and I’ve got the solutions.


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