Interview with Samar Mustafa – The Founder of TeamStack

Hi, guys. What’s up? And welcome to the Omi Show again. As CEOs or developers or digital marketers we all we always need a helping hand. Welcome to Team Stack. A community where developers and digital marketers can build their on-demand teams. Today I am joined by Mr. Samara Mustafa the founder of TeamStack. Samar: […]

The Sunday Talk – Technical SEO – Take Your Digital Marketing Strategy To The Next Level!

I am so pumped up about this week. I am going to Holland and as many of you know I just love this country. But first I am meeting Steven van Vessum – one of the founders of Content King. Guys, if you are a small business and you want to avoid the hassle of […]

Data and Insights in Digital Marketing

Many people confuse data with insights. What is the difference? What Is Data? Data is the information you acquire from users, such as demographic info, behavior, and activity. What is Analytics? Analytics is the discovery of patterns and trends obtained from your data. What are Insights? The ability to gain an accurate and deep understanding […]

The Sunday Talk – If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old

Today was my first day at work in 2017 so let’s talk about 3 Digital Marketing lessons I learned in 2016. Community. The first one is a community. Building a community around an idea or industry takes a lot of time and effort. But once you lure them in you can sell anything in your […]

The Sunday Talk – Focus on the Customer

Many of you know that I’ve been in Bulgaria for some time. While on the plane started reading this book by Julia McCoy called ‘So You Think You Can Write?‘ and to be honest with you I am very very impressed with this author. The wisdom that comes from the very beginning of this book […]

The Evening SEO Talk with David Sayce

Traditional marketing techniques are still viable today – David said. Both David and I are so into digital marketing but I also so agree with this statement. Unfortunately, there are many people out there who think that investing in digital marketing means leaving the tried and true traditional methods behind. And this is so wrong. […]

Advantages to Creating a Podcast for Your ‪Business‬

Sitting on the beach listening to ‘How to Build Trust and Drive Sales By Answering Your Customer’s Questions’ – by Todd Hartley But in a true digital marketing fashion let’s talk about the facts 🙂 I am a digital marketer after all. Advantages to Creating a Podcast for Your ‪Business‬ 1.Podcasting is easier for consumers to […]

Social Media and Your Marketing Strategy

Some thoughts after reading ‘How to Begin Integrating Social Media into Your Marketing Mix’ by Olga Andrienko. I believe nowadays most companies around the world realize the great importance social media brings to the modern marketing. Social media gives chance to marketers to communicate with current and potential clients on a completely new level – deep […]