What is Intelligence?

The Sunday Talk – What is Intelligence?

A lot of you are asking me on LinkedIn “Omi, what did you actually study?” And the answer is Chemistry. I even have a Master degree in Chemistry. But chemistry is not my passion.

When it comes to Digital Marketing I am self-taught. And it was very, very, very difficult. For many, many years I used to study during the night and work during the day.

But I am not here to give you one of those inspirational stories as like so many of you when I was a teenager I didn’t follow my passion.
So I struggled a lot later on in my life until I met this guy David Amerland who inspired me who gave me the permission to follow my passion.

SEO Bulgaria
With Teodora Petkova and Mr David Amerland

So today I am giving you the permission to follow your passion. But be smart. Passion alone won’t pay the bills. While studying Digital Marketing I had many jobs. No shame in it.
Am I ever gonna be rich following my passion? Probably not. But then I absolutely love my job.

I am just coming back from central London where I had coffee – lots of coffee – with Nick Doudy and a long chat about machine learning. So on my way back home, a question hit me in my face.

What is intelligence?

When you think about it in many ways unintelligent machines are already far smarter than we are but we don’t call the calculator on my mobile smart just because it can multiply massive numbers. We just say “it’s correct”.

Somehow we reserve the term ‘intelligence’ only for typical human capabilities like recognising a face or composing a symphony. But sooner or later we will teach the machines how to recognise a face or compose a symphony.

When it comes to intelligence why are we talking about knowledge and not emotions?

The question on intelligence is a strange one. Not just because it has been changing ever since we care to actually think about it. 100 years ago it would have been some kind of knowing some kind of language. Speaking some kind of language probably Greek and Latin.

These days mathematics and coding analytical skills and understanding but really these are not a true form of intelligence in a way that we can actually measure it in a general sense. So what is it really and it’s changing all the time. It’s morphing as we understand more about how to recreate aspects of intelligence in the artificial intelligence field.

So truly intelligence, when we think about it, is the ability of everything we know to interconnect and acquire meaning so basically it is what we know and how we know it and how that actually connects together.

It’s a contextual or it can be most of the time but it is more a sense of awareness of the impact of the things that which we know, the moment we know them, how we know them and what they actually affect in terms of the other things that we know and remember.

So it is interconnectedness.

Simple. Well, try recreating that and yeah it becomes quite hard.

Trust me, people, I am so excited. I am so pumped up. I’ve just received my first Voice Kit by Google and I can’t wait to build my first Google Home.
So let’s see what’s inside this box. And yes this is the first I’m gonna see the content of this box. Paper. We don’t need the paper. The actual body. And then various cables and things. Microphone stereo board. The voice hat, a speaker and a button. This is all you need to build your Google Home.

I believe a lot of you should start playing with these toys as Voice Search is the future of SEO. Some people may even say

Voice Search is the future of Digital Marketing.

It only took me only 5 min to assemble my first Voice recognition device. Unfortunately, installing the Raspberry Pi operating system takes hours so we gonna see this device in action next week.

Now talking about next week oh my god the word ‘busy’ is not enough to describe it.
On Monday I am going to one of the top Digital marketing agencies in England called Periscopix, where I’m gonna, have an all-day training on Google Big Data Query.

Wednesday I am going to Paris, France for the SEO European Night organised by OnCrawl where I’m gonna be talking about SEO and Machine Learning.

In the end of the week, all my family is going to Sofia, Bulgaria, Eastern Europe where we gonna be celebrating the birthday of my mother.

So a very busy week is ahead of me but you, yes you do come back here next Sunday cause you wanna see this device in action, you’ve got questions and issues in Digital marketing and I’ve got the solutions.

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