Maintaining SEO on Large, Complex Websites with Omi Sido

Clearly, the Daily Mail has a lot of content and a lot of new content coming onto the site regularly. So what are the main technical SEO challenges for handling a website like that? One thing that always come to mind first when talking about large websites is the technology used. A lot of large […]

Traffic is useless unless those visitors become customers

Recently I have said something online that caused a bit of controversy. “Traffic is useless unless those visitors become customers.” Although I wasn’t talking specifically about ‘money exchange’ I am starting to think that even experienced digital marketers have started developing ‘tunnel vision’ blinded by clever online articles or viral memes. I will repeat again […]

On-Page SEO Optimisation in the fashion industry

First, it is important to work closely with the development team. Fashion sites need a clear HTML structure and the right set of Meta tags. This point is crucial for the fashion brands online since most of their content is mainly graphics. Moreover, luxury brands try to stand out and use a lot of flash […]

The convergence of SEO and Branding with Omi Sido

Very often I see people online talking about SEO and branding, comparing them both and even arguing which one is better. So let’s be clear about one thing. SEO and branding are two completely different animals and they can and they should work together. Today I’m gonna try and explain why. But first thing first. […]

The Complete Guide to Rich Snippets

Getting your website into the Google Knowledge Graph is not a wishful thinking anymore. It’s a necessity. As we are shifting away from the “keywords” based search, we are entering the world of the semantic entities search. Having good content on your website is a good start. But telling search engines what entities are there […]

Google’s New Search Analytics Report – More Refined Data

As I’ve been working with this new feature for some time let’s see what people are saying about it. Google Webmasters: “If you manage a website, you need a deep understanding of how users find your site and how your content appears on Google’s search results. Until now, this data was shown in the Search Queries […]

Utilize the Power of the Web for Your Small Business

This article was inspired by Making Your Business More Web Centric – Hangouts On Air Howdy, Omi fans, and welcome to another edition of Small Business Friday (couldn’t help myself lol Rand Fishkin). Having good content on your website is a good place to start. On the other side telling search engines what entities are there […]