Do Social Signals impact our SEO?

Some thoughts on Social Media and SEO based on Eric Enge’s (CEO of Stone Temple Consulting) article for Convince & Convert called ‘Do Social Signals Drive SEO?’ So Do Social Signals Drive SEO? Many people/clients are asking me the same question over and over again: Do social signals drive SEO? In a way how do social signals impact […]

How to Write High-Quality Content #semrushchat Highlights

Highlights Article by Elena Terenteva ( “Great content is a high-priority task for a lot of marketers. Every piece of content we create is not only valuable in itself; every article is a piece of the puzzle that we put together to create a clear and panoramic picture of the business niche we work in. Speaking of […]

2015 SEO Predictions

Semantic Search is changing SEO forever. It’s all about optimising your content and everything you do online for your customers rather than just Google, and this is a radical shift in thinking. SEO 2015 Workout: How To Gain Weight from SEMrush Google wants us to be more human. Words like trust, authority, personality are fashionable […]